How To Meet The Living Word

A meeting with the Living Word, your Spiritual Guardian is the ultimate turning point for Soul, man in HU-man flesh. This is because it highlights the beginning of the self recognition and the spiritual transformation for that individual who is fortunate to have such an experience. Some of us have lived for 35 Million years to be opportuned to have this spiritual union while others are still reveling in religious and physical state of misconstrued relationship with God.

The pertinent questions are the following:

Who is the Living Word?

Why do I need to meet with the Living Word? How do I commence my return journey back to God Almighty?

Are there spiritual guardians who work with mankind to achieve this spiritual objective?

How do I make this contact?

The journey of Soul begins from the Ocean of Love and Mercy where Soul existed eons of time ago but had to be sent down through the various heavens both higher and lower ones, down to the Spiritual school of life where Soul is compelled to learn how to give and receive the divine love of God and eventually return back home to God as a Spiritual Graduate, as a Co-worker and participate in the divine works of God spread out in the different and numerous worlds of God.

That is the spiritual purpose of man.But what happens when man arrives on earth here, one of the spiritual learning centers? He forgets his spiritual assignment and continues to ‘go and come’ on the wheels of ‘Awagawan’, the wheel of Karma, death and reincarnation.

This can be compared to a student admitted into the university who after being admitted gets carried away with the different activities in the university environment and ends up spending about ten years for a four year course. While others have graduated and returned home to participate and justify the investment on them by their parents and society, the distracted student continues to struggle and becomes a vagrant within the university environment.

So it is also with man.

When man is admitted into this University of Life from the spiritual heavens of God, he is given ‘freewill and responsibility’ to navigate through this university. Additionally he is given an initial ‘karma to set the ball rolling’. In order words, the individual is given some spiritual ‘assignments’ to begin his studies at ‘school’. Then life after life, year after year, at school (earth), the individual partakes in life within the ambit of space, energy, matter and time. Life after life, man is given the spiritual opportunity to learn how to receive and give this divine love of God in his interaction with other creatures of God.

Life after life this interaction manifests as credit and debit in man’s spiritual ledger which is kept and monitored in each life by the Lords of Karma who are the agents of God for this purpose. This is why it is written that ‘whatever a man soweth that shall he reap’. If man dies before the reaping, he comes back in another HU-man body to do the ‘reaping’. This is the universal law of energy which is immutable and regulates all the actions of man, animals, minerals and all creatures of God in the lower worlds of space, energy, matter and time.

The Lords of Karma ensure that no individual escapes this law of retribution as every thought, words and actions including feelings are recorded on the spiritual equipment of man called ‘conscience’ whether man ‘begs’ for forgiveness or not. Man is judged according to this law. This is why it is written that those who feel their ‘evil actions have been washed away’ are living in self delusion. They must answer to the Lords of Karma someday.

As Soul continues to ‘go and come’ on the wheels of death and reincarnation, the individual is continuously judged on the amount of love the individual gives to his fellow men. When the individual has enough ‘love credits’ in his spiritual ledger, he is given an opportunity to meet the Living Word whom God has vested the responsibility of returning all qualified and ready Souls back into the Kingdom of Heaven while others will continue to pursue prosperity gods and their attendant material benefits. These material ‘benefits’ are the ‘Golden Chains’ that continue to tie man back to earth. For these materials have been given to man as loan by that god of negativity known as Kal but commonly called ‘devil’ by those who do not know him well enough. It is the responsibility of this god to ensure that Soul is kept here for as long as possible. He does this through material acquisitions. So those who preach prosperity should take note.

This is why it is also written that ‘only the bold can find God while the meek shall inherit the earth’

This is why the meeting with the Living Word is the ultimate Spiritual Turning Point for Soul. For the meeting enables the ‘cup of Soul’ be turned towards the Heavens of God. This is because the individual has received the special grace of God.

Who then is the Living Word?

The Living Word is that individual who has attained God Consciousness and has been appointed by God directly to lead all ready (some are not!) Souls back home to God. There has always been a Living Word and there will always be a Living Word. There has never been a time in the Spiritual history of Man when a Living Word does not exist in an unbroken lineage. These elite ‘club’ are then known as Spiritual Guardians that assist man daily on how to find God. Some call them Guardian Angels but they are known as Spiritual Travellers.

When God sent man down to earth for his spiritual education, God never left man alone. For a Living embodiment of God Itself has to be provided for man to lead man back home to God through the Holy Spirit, the Light and Sound of God. The Holy Spirit is the Divine Voice of God and through this agency of God, all the creations of God were created, nourished and sustained. Whoever becomes the Living Godman then becomes the Living Voice of God, the Holy Spirit manifested. He becomes the ‘word that dwelleth amongst men’ In order words, for man to know God the Macrocosm, he must first know himself as Soul, a divine Spark of God. This is the Spiritual Law!

It is the responsibility of the Living Word therefore to teach man how to know himself and eventually know God. For having experienced God Consciousness, he can then teach others how to have the same experience of God.

How can man contact this Living Word?

Though the Living Word is alive in Human flesh, he resides in America, has a family, he can be contacted through the spiritual channels if the individual has enough love for God in his heart. For love is that coin that must be presented at the doorway to the pure spiritual worlds of God Almighty. For there is no other way but love and love only.

This is why it is written ‘Only a Living mother can breastfeed a living child’

Only a Living Godman can take Soul back into the heavens of God while still living in Hu-man flesh.

To meet the Living Godman therefore, man can call God by that name God has given to Itself from the beginning of time. That name is HU, pronounced ‘hue’. When the interested individual sings the HU, the Holy and sacred name of God, direct contact is made with God and the individual then makes direct contact with the Holy Spirit as Light and Sound. The Living Word, the Spiritual Coach then begins to teach the individual in the dream state and then direct communication with God is established by the individual.

This is that spiritual secret all individuals seek but cannot find because they do not have the love of God in their hearts. For that individual who truly desires God, this then is the first step!


By Tuborki Dauyemie

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