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YOU & YOUR HEALTH : Honey As Food And Medicine

How does honey give energy? P.E. Norris, in his book said. “Carbohydrate is the primary fuel of muscle and the most easily digested form of carbohydrate and one which because of the dextrin it contains can be assimilated in the blood stream directly and without going through the complicated processes of digestion is honey”. In the treatments of diseases with honey, I have found it unbeatable, mostly in the cases of heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver pancreatic problem and skin. As an immune booster, it has been used with urine successfully to treat immune diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer, if garlic is added, it becomes an antibiotic strong enough to destroy any bacteria, virus and other harmful germs, poison and for general maintenance of the body.
Honey can be used in many ways. For high blood pressure and heart problems. Honey, garlic and mistletoe (the wonderful healer) is the best for high blood pressure while honey Eucalyptus and sorrel is equally good for heart problems. For those who suffer from loss of memory, or forgetfulness, sleeplessness, insomnia, typhoid, malaria, constipation etc. there’s good news for you. Lemon grass, ginger, tetra pleura tetraptera (uhokoriho in Igbo or aridan in Yoruba) Rosemary, a-little garlic and honey are the answer to your troubles. The dosage is half glass cup two times daily. We cannot say that honey is not an all-round healer because in respiratory problems we have seen it used successfully, like in the cases of asthma, cough, TB and other respiratory problems. With ginger, garlic, bitter kola, a little scent leaf and honey. This is one preparation that never fails, it enhances the heart, kidney and liver and very beneficial for sinusitis.
If man can only drop his little scientific mind, then he can look properly and understand nature’s gift. Make honey your friend and companion and the worries of infertility and over weight amongst our sisters and daughters will no longer be a threat.
If you are weak and tired, if you look older than your age or you want to remain young and energetic, if you cannot read well without an aid, then this miraculous substance from the nectar called honey is there for you.

Dr. Tonifelix C. Manu

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