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A book launch tagged “Legislative Votes And Proceedings by G. M. Gillis-West

*Date: 21st September, 2012 * Time: 10.00am * Venue: House of Assembly Complex, Port Harcourt.

Publisher’s BLURB

In Legislative Votes and Proceedings, G.M. Gillls-West attempts a simple, systematic and analytical presentation of the preparation of the Votes and Proceedings of the legislature. The book also contains an explanation of frequently used terminologies in law-making. With the understanding that the Legislature is the first organ of deliberation, reconciliation and representation the book also gives extensive analysis of the composition of legislatures within and outside Nigeria including representative proportions and percentages of States and Countries.
The book will be useful, not only for law-makers but also researchers/students of the legislative process and the general reader.
“LEGISLATIVE VOTES AND PROCEEDINGS AND SOME COMMONLY USED TERMINOLOGIES’ The book chronicles the preparation of votes and proceedings the official daily record of legislative business, for different circumstances in parliamentary deliberations. It also provides a comprehensive glossary of legislative terminologies from ‘Act’ to ‘Zoning’, including the Five Senses of the Legislature; types, composition and uses of motions; and also an extensive data flow on the composition, types, forms, nomenclature, maps and philosophy of over 200 legislatures (parliaments) in the world. The book presents the votes and proceedings not only as a legal document for Legislative Houses but also as an informational tool for practitioners, readers, researchers and consultants within and outside the legislature.
G.M Gillis-West holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Political Science and International Relations from the Universities of Port Harcourt and Nsukka, respectively and is currently a doctoral candidate in International Relations at the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
The Author is a Senior Legislative Officer and a Clerk-At-The-Table with the Rivers State House of Assembly and has served as Secretary to numerous House Standing Committees since 2000. He is also a Senior Research Partner with the Centre for Parliamentary Support Strategies (CPASS) Nigeria Region, Legislative Associate with the Mississippi Consortium for International Development (MOD) Nigeria Country Office and Head, Desk Office, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Rivers State House of Assembly Branch (2009). Gillis-West is also a certified research fellow and Parliamentary consultant and has researched and presented numerous papers on legislative procedures and practice in Nigeria and other Countries.
He is married to beautiful Mrs. Hilda Furo GillisWest and they are both blessed with three lovely children, David, Valerie and Datonye. ####

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