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Insure Journalists, Wariso Tells RSG

The Director of Greater Height Insurance, Mr. Daniel Ishmael Wariso has stated that every journalist in Rivers State should be properly insured because of the highly risky nature of their jobs.
He stated this in a chat with newsmen in his office.
According to him, a journalist may be assigned to cover disputing communities or war zones which of course is hazardous and dangerous. Therefore it is important that journalists are insured so that in case of any unforeseen circumstances, indemnity would be paid to victim’s family, he stated.
Mr. Wariso further said that Group Life insurance is better for journalists explaining that a collective number of journalists working in a particular establishment could be insured collectively and premium paid annually.
Also speaking, the erudite insurance broker warned that it is dangerous for vehicle owners to patronize road side licensing officers because most of them are charlatans, issuing fake vehicle insurance covers.
This could be very dangerous in case of accident as the vehicle owner automatically loses out even the third party who had accident.
However, if owners of vehicles properly insure their vehicles with recognized insurance brokers or insurance company, in case of accident, their insurance paper which are genuine would be accessed and indemnity paid to cover the loss.
Mr. Wariso therefore called on the government to look into the issue of licensing officers and ensure that innocent members of the public are not duped by charlatans.
He also mentioned that Nigerians should start taking insurance seriously in order to prevent unnecessary loss as a result of accident or death.
To this end, the insurance expert finally asserted that the doors of Greater Height Insurance Company are open to the public for consultation, advising them that the company’s expertise can professionally cover all their insurance problem.
“This is possible because Greater Height Insurance is unique and stands firmly on the ethics of the profession and regularly pays indemnity on time,” he stated. ###

Boniface Ogbeni

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