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Nigeria Could Be Great If Sentiment Is Removed – Alhaji Abubakar

A concerned business mogul and younger brother of Nigerian Inspector General of Police, Alhaji Wurno Abubakar has said that the state of Nigeria’s affairs is what it is because of sentiment. Alhaji Wurno Abubakar made this assertion while speaking with our correspondent at Elekahia Liberation stadium during the occasion of Nigeria’s 52nd Independence Day celebration.
The businessman who resides in Port Harcourt opined that Nigeria of yesteryears could not be compared with Nigeria of today reasons being that Nigeria of yesteryears did not involve sentiment in the running of the corporate state affairs of the country as it is today. He pointed out that Nigeria of yesterday loved the spirit of one Nigeria, north and the south co-existed together with the spirit of one Nigeria, there was nothing like ‘I know someone from the Government House’ before securing contract or a job for survival unlike today.
He stressed further by saying that the Niger Delta and the North saw themselves as one Nigeria and co-existed in the spirit of one Nigeria as was also applicable to every other tribe of Nigeria.
He made his case by citing an example of the good old days to the present state of Nigeria, pointing out that those who worked with the then Sardauna of Sokoto are still recycled in government while there are young intellectual fresh graduates roaming the streets seeking for job to practically exhibit what knowledge and discipline they have acquired over the years in betterment of the nation.
The soft spoken businessman however give some credit to President Goodluck Jonathan for his level headedness despite the challenges he is faced with in trying to pilot the affairs of Nigeria with the fear of God. He said he believes that Nigeria could still be a great country if every well-meaning citizen of the country could offer good advice to the president for the good of the country, stressing that president Jonathan is a good man as he takes advice from concerned Nigerians because he wants the best for the country.
However, Alhaji Abubakar stated that if he were to be the president of Nigeria one day, he would ask for the wisdom of God to run the state of affairs of the country, while appealing to Nigerians to pray for president Jonathan and the country.. ####

-Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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