Sokari, Combats Sports Exponent Is 70

Former Nigeria, Rivers State Wrestling, Boxing, Weightlifting, Judo and Karate exponent, Dr. Sokari Soberekon recently celebrated his 70th birthday with sheer display of his skill by breaking coconut with his bare hands while celebrating in the midst of friends, families, associates and the concerned citizens of the state who love him, at his church, Jesus City, Sokari Gym, Marine Base, Port Harcourt.
Dr. Sokari Soberekon, started his combat sports career from Buguma City, the present day headquarters of Asari Toru Local Government Area (ASALGA) as a traditional wrestler and thereafter progressed to other combat sports and made both Rivers State and Nigeria proud.
Even at 70, Soberekon is still strong and kicking, enjoying good health and peace of mind. Unlike others who ventured into combat sports and were not lucky to have their physic totally alright.
Those who got into combat sports usually come out crying with ailments such as Parkinson disease, neurons disorder, chest pains, waist pains and defamed physic. But for Dr. Soberekon, as he is to be addressed now, courtesy of the honourary degree awarded him on his 70th birthday. But lucky Dr. Soberekon does not suffer any of the above, this he said is special grace from God to his life.
While speaking with The Newswriter sports desk, he advised the youths to stay off drugs and drinking habit, while also advising every sports talent to marry early and go to his or her partner only when ready to procreate.

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