The Evil Of Jungle Justice

The killing of four University of Port Harcourt Students was an act of jungle justice which does not allow the accused to have a say even when he did not commit what he is accused of. The Nwokere-Aluu Community where this act happened is a place where many Uniport Students reside, because of its closeness to the University Community. The dastardly and barbaric killing of the four students without reliable or material fact from the accused now dead must not be left uninvestigated. It is shocking in this age of reality that such crime should be committed in a broad day light in a community where humans are living without fair hearing.
The crime wave in the country is on the alarming rate. And urgent steps should be taken to avoid merciless killings in Nigeria. The killing at Nwokere-Aluu Community should be investigated beyond lip service by security agencies, to convince the public why such gruesome killing should be committed. The allegation leading to the killing of the four students does not guarantee immediate killing whatsoever.
Indeed, one may ask, how many cultists have been killed by host communities to higher institutions in Nigeria? And how many student armed robbers have been killed by host communities?
Recently, a group of armed gang invaded Mubi Polytechnic, Adamawa State, and killed twenty six students without any provocation. In such killings, nobody came out to give substantial evidence; as every one was afraid or witnesses are hired to do so in order to get fabricated evidence. It is obvious because people who are involved in senseless killings are allowed to go scot-free and that is why the killing of innocent or armless people is on the increase.
In Pakistan recently, a Moslem cleric, hid a torn piece of Quran in a refuse bin belonging to a Pakistani Christian girl. The young girl burned the refuse and immediately, the Moslem cleric raised an alarm against the innocent girl. She was immediately brought to public spectacle. And the whole neighbourhood was on rampage. And jungle justice was about to be executed. Thank God for the Pakistani police who swung into action to arrest the situation. The girl was arraigned in court. But after much investigation and interrogation it was discovered that the Moslem cleric was the person who masterminded the burning of Quran. Indeed, jungle justice would have been carried against the innocent girl.
In the world today, some fabricate incriminating evidence against their perceived enemies. That is why there must be thorough investigation when a crime is committed. For instance, in Africa some people have been killed innocently for just mere allegation of involving in witchcraft activity.
Yes, crimes are committed by humans, and that is the more reason why it must be investigated in order not to punish the innocent ones. When a man is killed he cannot speak for himself. Today, the killing of the four students of Uniport is generating tension in Aluu, University community and Nigeria in general. The other side of the event that would have led to the crime committed is halted, if actually there was such crime.
Thus, the security agencies should be given free hand to do their professional duties despite suspicion. Jungle justice is a situation where room is not given for proper judgment. In the face of jungle justice some law abiding citizens are lynched without any trial. The law of the jungle is a situation where people are prepared to harm other people in order to succeed. It is also the idea that people who care only about themselves will be most likely to succeed in a society or organization; we hope for the world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of people.
It is true that there are criminals. But that does not make every one a criminal. In any killing, there is a motive. And that is why proper investigation is mandatory for this Uniport killing. So far, there is sketchy information about what led to the killing of the students. All those involved in the mob that caused the death of the students have been declared wanted by the police, even the traditional ruler of the community where the uncivilized act took place.
The traditional rulers of various communities are custodians of the law in their domains. A situation where community leaders do not know jurisprudence is worrisome. Traditional rulers should work in tandem with the security operatives. In doing that there will be proper or smooth dispensation of justice which in turn eases the work of the judiciary.
Jungle justice is an aberration to the legal justice system of any nation. And therefore should not be encouraged or practiced in the country. For instance, the parents of the slain students are grieved about the merciless killing of their children without trial and verified report against them. Therefore, in the light of this ugly development involving four Uniport students, jungle justice should not have been carried out in the country. The sketchy information about the act committed by the four students is causing doubts in the minds of people. Nobody has come out to claim to be a victim of the armed robbery attack by the students. And nobody has linked the slain to any cult group. The law of jungle justice was done in error or probably malice. And there is need to unravel the killers of the four students for justice to prevail. May their souls rest in peace.

Frank Eneawaji Ogwuonuonu

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