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FG-NDD Project: Aborigenes, Oba, Abiye Clamour for Rightful Chairman

The Wakirike indigenes residing at the Borikiri (Olomuogbo-ogbo axis of Port Harcourt township are beginning to clamour over the right chairman of the community, Olumu-ogbo-ogbo-Ama, as FG and NDDC prepare for a gigantic bridge Project that might link Port Harcourt Borikiri (Opupolo, Ibifaka-Polo-Krakra polo) to Okrika.
As a result of the chairmanship tussle, this medium gathered that the Port Harcourt Wakirike Aborigene might create a project monitoring committee so as to make sure that those parties hustling for the right chairman would relax their nerves, as Wakirike people would not take any chance over the acclaimed project.
We gathered that youths of Krakra polo community had elected and inaugurated fresh youth body to pilot the affairs of the community, all in a bid to prepare for the forth coming gigantic project.
Meanwhile, The Newswriter gathered that certain youths from Ibifaka polo community too are warming up for the forth coming gigantic project and as a result, have been uttering insultive words to one chief Berechiri who had been championing Olomu-Ogboogbo course in recent time.
This medium has been informed by a group of people who founded a community called Oil Village that the bush clearing company had invaded the community without due consultation and regards to the owners.
The oil villager’s owners, Tamunoigbienbia Wakama, Iyoyo kiri and Minanyo Sunday informed our senior correspondent that the swamp buggy had clared part of their village including fishing nets, like periwinkle shield, among others.
Our senior correspondent who went for the sight seeing pointed out some parts the swamp buggy never touched to include the witches and wizard burial ground and a conducive environment where they normally stock their live periwinkles and other sea foods. They are therefore appealing to the company incharge to come to their aid for compensation.
Meanwhile, The Newswriter gathered that a forthnight ago fifty youths from Olomu-Ogbo-ogbo communities threw their support behind the other acclaimed chairman, (Sir) Hon. G. Pikibo Abiye.
Their support might not be unconnected with his emergence as the secretary of all Aborigenes Ama Chairmen.
Few youths who spoke with our correspondent opined that Gabriel Pikibo might attract development as a former customary court judge and as one who had been given professional national Award from Okrika nationality. ###
Bennett James

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