RSG Rewards Best Farmers

The Rivers State government on 16th of October rewarded best farmers in the state through the state commissioner for Agriculture. This took place at Isaac Boro Park venue of the World Food Day.
Lucky Ledobo from Khana was awarded the best farmer for the year of 2012, while Fadama was awarded the yam producer of the year of 2012 from Bidiree, the best livestock award of the year 2012 came from Obiokpor, Okrika was awarded the best fish producer of the year 2012 through Madam Florence while the best plantain producer for the year of 2012 come from Christian from Etche local government area.
The occasion was celebrated with food exhibition and with talks from the Governor and the Rivers State Commissioner for Agriculture, Hon. Emmanuel Chindah who represented the State governor at the occasion.
Addressing the occasion, Hon. Emmanuel Chindah in representing the governor of the state, urged every citizen of the state to cultivate the habit of pracitising farming even in small scale capacity in wherever they live, provided there is a small piece of available land at their disposal.
Hon. Chindah revealed that the state government has established the biggest fish farm in Nigeria in Buguma town in Asagla local government area. He also added that Risonpalm is back to life in a more stronger strength. ####
Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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