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Eckankar Presents, Love: A tool for Graceful Living

On Saturday, October 13, 2012, Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God, Abuloma Zone, held on Eck seminar with the theme, Love: A Tool for Graceful Living with Mrs. Belema Ali as the Guest Speaker.
The seminar which took the entire day was held at Bakers Palace, Abuloma Road, Port Harcourt.
It featured several talks, including “Humility, A step to Spiritual Unfoldment,” “Passing the test of patience, “A cup for the Living Moment” building the Temple of ECK, my Role As A child of God,” Love conquers fear”. A panel discussion, inner guidance: Learning to Listen,” The seminar also featured workshops and creative Arts.
Filling the entire hall with narration of experiences and laughter as she gave the theme talk, Belema Ali said Graceful living is all about how to find that silverline in all that is in life. How to find the grace to laugh and smile and say thank you.
Quoting the MAHANTA, the Living ECK Master Sri Harold Klemp, Spiritual leader of Eckankar, author of “How the inner Master works, she said “Graceful Living means being generous with what you are filled with the blessings of God. And if you are filled with, the blessing of God you will certainly be someone who lives gracefully and graciously with others.
She said you live gracefully, not just with yourself but with all life.
Mrs. Ali went on to say “Living gracefully means living harmoniously. You are soul, a divine spark of God, made from the fabric of love. All you are is love. What you should express in your life is love. You are love and your existence is because of God’s love for you”.
The guest speaker said the quality that would help anyone grow spiritually is grace and so one must be graceful, whatever life throws at one even under pain.
She gave humility as one of the qualities of living gracefully and that it is all about having happy life.
Speaking about the HU which is love song to God she said, “When you sing HU, there is this that vibrates within you. You carry it as light and you go around with it. It is when you sing HU that people see that light in you. Everything around gravitates towards you.
She urged all to have simple relationship with people, smile, interact with all and learn to say thank you for everything and that none should allow any situation to steal happiness from him or her.
Concluding, she said “Be gracious, be graceful, show gratitude in all that you do, live in love. ####

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