Sports Personality of the Week

There are people in life when your path crosses their path you will never be the same again, such is the man we have in our sports personality of the week for you.
He is a noble young gentle man energetically built, a man of many cultural tier as his parental horizon spreads across local governments to states.
He played football in his active days in life. Infact, he founded the Waves Football Club and became its sole sponsor. A good footballer of his own right amongst his peers then, playing the pointman as he wore jersey No. 9 for the team while playing for the Waves football team.
He has the personality to illuminate society where the youths are concerned. A gentleman who is a blessed businessman, a fulfilled Youngman of jovial nature, charismatic, caring, tender, discipline, peace-loving, meek and humble, above all God fearing. Through his hard earned resources many young and old souls had been blessed.
A young man who many people hope on for their day to day livelihood. To many he is their saviour.
Apart from playing football, he was a sound entertainer as he sings around Nigeria the most populous black country in Africa. A proud son of Buguma/Harry’s Town, Asari-Toru Local Government Area, DELGA, BALGA in Rivers and Bayelsa States respectively of the federal Republic of Nigeria. One time show promoter and DJ/musician and footballer.
Sports loving fans join me to welcome our special sports personality of the week in the person of Prince Bedone M.T.T Princewill as The Newswriter’s special sports personality of the week.Please sit back as we unfold his data as presented by Prince Bedone Princewill himself.
Name: Prince Bedone M.T.T. Prince
Age: Adult
Home Town: Buguma/Harry Town/Sangana
State: Rivers/Bayelsa
Position: Show Promoter
Designation: DJ/Musician
Favourite Sport: Football
Favourite Jersey No: 9
Favourite Club: Shark FC
Favourite Player: Drogba
Aspiration: To organize show as to promoter and enhance youth talents
positively, as to expose them to better their lives
Role Model: Prof. T.B Joshua
Turn On: Honesty
Turn Off: Dishonesty
Club Played For: The Waves in the 80s
Occupation: Business
Achievements: Too Numerous, but notable amongst them are; blessed many to have good homes, also given sense of belonging to many youths to be peaceful in the society, provided for many less-privilege ones and many more.
GSM: 08033366326

NB: Esteemed sports lovers suffice it to say that if we have majority of Prince Bedone Princewill in the society today, the world will surely be a lively loving place to live in.
Bedone as he is fondly called amongst his admirers and associates is a cheerful giver, no matter the hard situation in the country. He may be best described as a peaceful brother without borders, whose love for his fellowman knows no bound.
Sir, may you live long enough to reap the fruit of your labour here on earth as to serve humanity positively. ###

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