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Mega Business Seminar Re-awakens Congregation On Prosperity

Rev. Oliver Udioko, the presiding cleric of Foundation Faith Church Borikiri District, was the host at the just concluded “Mega Business seminar” with the theme: “Manifesting God’s Glory in Business”.
The 2 day business seminar which commenced on Saturday the 27th October, 2012 and ended on Sunday, 28th of the same month.
The seminar co-ordinated by Pastor Fiamasi, was packaged and powered by Salem Men’s Ministry International, FFC, Borikiri, Sandfield.
Apart from the seminar proper, the occasion was spiced by other side attractions such as drama; songs, dance and love feast which made the business summit a huge success.
It was evident that the cardinal aim of the business summit was to re-awaken the church members on why Christian faithful should seek wealth.
Another guest speaker, Mr. Adeolu Akinyemi whose presentation centred mainly on “Key principles to build upon when the storm comes into one’s life unleashing the financial genius in you, was an eye opener to the congregation. He buttressed his points from Luke 16:1, 8-9.
He likened the prosperity that will stand the test of time to the man who built his house on a solid rock as stated by our Lord Jesus Christ, who pointed out that any wealth not having its foundation in righteousness will not stand.
Mr. Adeolu further explained that one needed to be righteous to be able to hold and spend money acquired in the area of the work of God and humanity.
Speaking further Adeolu Akinyemi reasoned that the work of God cannot move forward without money, saying that “through prosperity, the Kingdom is spread abroad”. He regretted that money is what holds Christians back. He therefore, provoked the church to reason well, seek God, while imbibing the principles of prosperity to be able to appropriate money to themselves and the work of God.
The guest speaker counseled that working for a government concern or a company may not make one wealthy, stating that it was better to work for yourself as a business owner to move up the ladder.
He warned members of the church to add economic value to the talent God gave them.
Sunday, the 28th of October, 2012 was the turn of the second resource person Mr. Peter Joseph. He quoted copiously from the following scriptural portions to supports his claim. 3John 1:2-3, Deut. 28:5, Hosea 4:6 and Mal. 3:10.
He stated that prosperity without purpose is bound to fail and asked the audience to pay their tithe and offerings and that the obligation of tithes payment was 10% of every earning.
The speaker stated further that the blessing of God must show in material wealth, apart from that of the spiritual, saying that unless one is wealthy it would be difficult to tell his brother that God is good and was ready to bless anyone.
The guest speaker advised members of the congregation not be ignorant of wisdom.
He explained further that God gave them wisdom and that through wisdom God had already blessed them. It was up to them to create wealth and asked them not to be lazy.
He strongly advised Christian faithful not to waste the money at their disposal, but to use such money meaningfully.
The business summit was rounded off with prayers offered by the host cleric, Rev. Oliver Udioko, while counseling Christian faithful to be steadfast and abide by the tenets of the 2 day seminar, especially as they were encapsulated in the sure words of the Holy Scriptures. ####

Azuka Dibie/Mene Gbarabe

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