Soccer Dwarfs Other Sports

The sports world is partial in it participation to sports as it takes the game of soccer above other events in the sports family.
This the administrators and their followers are guilty in every way of the sense of preference. Today, it seems there are no other events in the sports family because soccer has been favoured at the expense of other interesting sporting events like Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, swimming, wrestling, judo, karate, boxing and weightlifting just to mention a few.
Talents abound in all the known and existing sporting events in the sports family. But the attitude given to soccer at the expense of other sporting events have robbed the attention that ought to be given to other sporting events in the sports family.
The Niger Delta states all abandon swimming to soccer. This is callous, abandoning their natural strength for one sport out of their natural blessing. They need not be told that swimming is part of their daily lives as they swim day in day out naturally in the Rivers and Creeks provided for them by nature.
This attitude has limited Nigeria in the Olympics when it comes to featuring in the events. The Niger Delta states are potential champions if every thing possible is put in their right perspective which the Niger Delta has failed to do.
Kenya zero down on their God given natural strength in the distance races, knowing that their landscape is naturally desert and spacious for exploration, which their daily living attitude as they do their business in the vast landscape daily in their normal day to day life style.
Today Kenya still rules the world in the distance races in both continental and international sports competition. This is what Nigeria would have done to claim authority in certain sports in the globe like swimming and the likes.
Only time will tell what becomes of Nigeria if she continues the way she is going, taking soccer above other lucrative sporting events in the sports family. ####

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