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FA Cup: Sharks, Dolphins Will Represent Rivers Well – Eze Amaowu

Ardent football enthusiast of Sharks and Dolphins has said that Dolphins and Sharks are the best to give Rivers State quality representation at this year’s federation cup at Abuja.

Eze Barr. Kachi Amaowu (JP) made this remark while speaking with The Newswriter sports. Shortly after Sharks had beaten Dolphins 1-0 at the FA cup at liberation stadium last Wednesday.

Assessing the standard of play, he said, the standard of both teams have improved.

He particularly lauded Coach Gbenga Ogunbote of Sharks for the tactical improvement he has effected in Sharks since taking over as manager of Sharks football club.

Eze Amaowu further said that he has watched both Sharks and Dolphins and therefore can say that they are the best to represent Rivers State for now. Adding that both teams have quality players to represent Rivers State well at the federation cup, urging both Ogunbote and coach Eguma of Dolphins to put in more effort in preparing the boys for the job ahead, for the boys to excel at the federation cup.

Advising both team managers, he said, the federation cup is respecter of no team at such, the players should be advised in terms of discipline an tactical play, pointing out that football is a game of money and interest. The Rivers State government is paying the players to give result to the state. He urged the players to reflected in their performance discipline to bring back the desired glory to the state.

He however, said Sharks and Dolphins have disciplined players that could prosecute the federation cup with pride.

He recalled that both Sharks and Dolphins are not strangers to the federation cup, though Dolphins have won the cup, Sharks is yet to win the federation cup. ###

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