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Soberekon Advises Governor Amaechi On Monorail, Aeroplane

Rev. DR. SOKARI SOBEREKON, the Agitator and Establisher of the case for Oil Derivation in Nigeria, 1981, has congratulated Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State for his bold initiative of the monorail project in the State.
He said the monorail will be an economic toner for the Niger Delta if it is not stopped at the water lines as reported in one of the local tabloids.
Rev. Dr. Soberekon advised that the head of the monorail should turn from the UTC where it is now to KALIO-AMA via Creek Road and Tourist Beach. According to the Elder Statesman, the monorail should proceed from Kalio-Ama to Eleme Refinery and burst at the East West Road heading to Emohua, Ahoada and Mbiama.
Furthermore, Rev. Dr. Soberekon suggested that the Monorail Project should be taken over by the Federal Government of Nigeria which should give Governor Amaechi an award for Visionary Leadership or Order of the Niger Delta (OND) and make the Monorail a Niger Delta Rail-line, running from Rivers State to Bayelsa State, Edo State and back from Eleme to Ogoni, Akwa Ibom and Cross River.
According to the Reverend Gentleman, this Delta Rail ought to have been provided by the Nigerian Railway Corporation for the benefit of people of Niger Delta, given the huge sum of money generated from the region as a result of petroleum products, warning that if the project is taken from UTC where it is presently to waterlines, as planned by Governor Amaechi, it will damage so many economic facilities including major overhead bridges and buildings.
On the newly acquired Airplane by the Governor, Rev. Soberekon said it will boost transportation in Rivers State, especially now that the Nigerian Airways is moribund.
Dr. Soberekon added that Helicopters should be a better option for flying patients and medical personnel from the villages and creeks of Rivers State to Specialist Hospitals in the township. Dr. Soberekon said he had made this same suggestion to the Rivers State Government when Governor Ernest Adeleye was in office with late Dr. Dennis Fiberesima as the Commissioner for Health. According to him, it was at the verge of execution that the project was suspended because of funds.
Dr. Soberekon said the call has become necessary now that the state has more money.###

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