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Tribute to the Late Publisher, The Newswriter

“You Can Kill As Many Journalists, But You
cannot Kill Journalism Profession”

Alapakabia Tobin

There is no doubt that death is inevitable and nobody, irrespective of socio cultural, political and economic background, has the locus standi to question the heavenly call by God Almighty. Nobody questions Him in creation, nobody questions Him when taking back through Mr. death, a visitor who does not fill the visitor’s form but comes unknown to the person it visits.
I never can tell, if Mr. Death can have respect for some persons who are perpetually contributing to the social development of the society in which we all find ourselves, redesigning, readdressing and reviewing the bottle necks of the society at the expense of his precious time.
Educating the readership called the masses, the people’s parliament deserves a long life to fulfill this noble task; Mr. death should know this. The criminals, the trouble mongers, the 419ers, the perpetrators of crimes, the fraudsters and the killers of the innocent never fall in the register of Mr. Death; instead, he is always calling those who are contributing to the development of the society. It is indeed very unfortunate.
The pace-setter has gone but Mr. Death should have a rethink for calling him to early grave while the memories are still fresh and will remain fresher, Mr. Death has just succeeded in dusting your body, soul and spirit but has not buried the mental images you have created for generation yet unborn.
The missing of your shaping pen does not naturally kill your reportorial zeal and vision in the journalism profession and this is where Mr. Death lost out in his mission to cripple the profession. The Newswriter, in your articulated vision, will continue to monitor good governance and protect human rights. May your gentle soul rest in the bosom of the Lord until we all meet to part no more.
Publisher, I miss you and your wealth of experience though you made it too early. ####

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