There Is Time For Everything

xmas-treeI believe strongly there is a Governing Council in heaven that controls the affairs of men. I also believe that there is time and season that bring about harvest and good fortunes to men and women.

One thing I am sure of, God’s time table is quiet different from ours. According to Apostle Peter one thousand years is like a day before the sight of God Almighty.

Geographers made us to believe that the rotation of the earth on its own axis causes day and night. While the revolution of the earth causes seasons.

Nothing is permanent except change.

A poor man today could be rich tomorrow. Life is a mystery and it is very difficult to unveil it. Life is complex to understand.

It is mystery to see the sun rises in the morning and set in the evening. Every event has its own time. There is time to riot and time to be calm. The earth has finally through the hustle of rotation and revolution gravitated to the last month of the year 2016. And we have come to the season of joy, glad tidings and celebration. People tend to see this season as a time to spend money anyhow and eating gluttonously, because of the festivity of the period. December is a month for sober reflection and stock taking. It is the time to hold onto God tenaciously so that the year 2017 shall be well with us. ###


Damiete West


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