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Fighting Poverty in Rural Communities

“No man sleeps with an empty stomach and wake up full”.

Poverty is a menace in the society, it is the danger and monster affecting the ordinary man in the world over, it brings about devastation, rejection and possibly violence (inhuman behaviour), when man cannot provide his basic needs and also that of his family.

Poverty has made society draught, it has become a means of instigating immoralism by the hegemonic class (rich) to the poor people in the society by using them (especially the youths) as tools for various deviant acts.

This menace should be dealt with systematically and can only be fought at the grassroot (communities) level because it is said that “cut the head of the snake and the body will die” so if the issues of poverty are strategically tackled from the rural angle it would do a great deal of good even to the urban areas.

If the dwellers of the rural communities feel the impact of development, it would help in the reduction of poverty in those areas. For instance, some communities have poor means of accessing the urban centres because of the deplorable state of or conditions of their roads even when they have valuable products that would benefit society at large thereby keeping such goods to lay waste in these rural communities.

Conditions of poor power supply and infrastructure because where there are no development the people will be drived to abject poverty, hence they will not be exposed to the hygienic way of life and this may even lead to high level of death rate in such communities.

Also, different empowerment schemes for both the youth and the elderly should be considered as this would uplift the younger generations of the communities as to be focused on building a bright future for themselves.

Furthermore, there are cases of drinking untreated water and that could give them cholera and many other diseases but if the government in its fight against poverty can provide pipe borne water for them it would also help rural dwellers.

It is my prayer that government and other relevant agencies to ensure implementation of policies that would revolutionalise development in the local communities.  ###

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