Women: Christmas In Recession, Be Wise

christmas-shopping-basket-26597137Yuletide is a great time of the year, especially for families because it is a time for holiday, when everybody will be at home, daddy and mummy will be there for their kids who had wanted to be with them so much.

Christmas also is a time when the strength of marriage is been tested, when husband will know how much respect his wife have for him and wife how caring her husband is to her and the kids.

During Christmas period alot of families break apart because husband couldn’t meet up the demand of the family or wife in demanding beyond what is at hand. Respect for each other is been thrown away for he fact that one is not considerate.

Women Focus is using this piece to call wives to order that 2016 December is not an ordinary December as it use to be. It is a December in recession; we should try and understand things with our husband and not to see this December as “as it was ion the beginning, so it shall be Amen”.

Recession as it is, is a period of slowdown in activities over the course of normal business cycle. In this recession period, it is not a time, one will put demand on or pressurize husband for what he cannot afford.

The family can save a lot, if they eat right and stop being gluttons. It is not all about what we eat; it is about what how right the body uses what we have eaten. So we can check our families eating habit and ensure we eat healthily at the same time cut excessive eating pattern.

Everyone in Nigeria know that this is a period of recession, as a wife, wisdom is require in entertaining guests that came to the house for visit. Ensure you have totally planned it out, before inviting a guest because, it is an African custom for you to entertain a guest, if not you will be tagged stingy wife, if someone come to your house and go without entertainment in the name of recession. I could remember running into an old friend of mine and she said “wow Edith, this is the Lord doing, for us to meet again after such a long time, can I know where you are living now so that I can come for a visit at my leisure?  Such a demand was good but financially, it wasn’t. So as a wife, think before you tell someone to come over. When someone tell you “I just want to know your place, do not forget it may involve cost. So the family should turn down any unwanted visit from guests during this period.

Some women get emotion or desperate when they notice changes in their neighbour’s house, if their neighbour change a car, they will want their husband to change theirs too. If their neighbour is changing the look of their apartment, they will want their husband to do same to theirs. Stop pressurizing your husband. Learn to flow with your budget and be rigid about it. If buying a new car, changing the house look, inviting friend’s family over for holiday is not on your budget, don’t do it. It will surely affect you and the family.

In this recession period, there are women who will go out of their way to make sure their husbands know no peace until provision is made for all the goodies of Christmas.

If your husband cannot provide all that is needed for the Christmas, don’t crucify him, he did it for you the previous year, last year and if he cannot again now, please my fellow women, light up the home and teach the children to understand the situation of Nigeria now. Mothers must train their children to understand the economic situation being experienced in the country in recent times.

Christmas will come and go, our family will be always, let not use few day of merriment to destroy life-time project.

Friday Nse Edith



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