You and Your Dreams  


Your dream worlds are very real! But most of our religions avoid this subject matter simply because they have limited knowledge about dreams, the dream worlds, and the interpretation of dreams generally. Some of us have had dreams of future happenings, dreams of healings, and dreams about our loved ones who have translated (died) but because our religious beliefs have little or no knowledge about the understanding dreams and their interpretation, we have never considered our dreams as important as they should be.

There are also many dream books and astrological definitions of dreams published all claiming to have knowledge about dreams and our future. Some tell us about the symbols in our dreams while others have indicated the spiritual aspect of dreams. But most of the knowledge published about dreams can never make the individual understand dreams simply because most of the information provided are either superficial or lacking in spiritual merit. This is why this column will be devoted to spiritual issues that require understanding and clarifications.

Since the beginning of time man has sought to unravel the mystery behind dreams. In most Holy Books, scanty references have been made on dreams. Some tell us about futuristic dreams like that of Joseph the dreamer, but none of them has mentioned how we can also have such fantastic dreams and also benefit from them. So dreams have always been portrayed as something highly mysterious until Socrates came out with his popular injunction.

‘Man know thyself!’

But the questions humanity has failed to consider are the following:

‘In what ways can man know himself?’

‘Is man made more that flesh blood and bones?’

‘What happens to man when he sleeps at night and dreams of being in New York, London, or places far away from his residence?’

‘What happens to man when he dies after this life?’

‘Why does man believe so much in heaven yet is afraid of going there?’

‘Which body will man use in going to heaven when the physical flesh gets rotten under 6feet in the grave?

‘How come man is able to see loved ones who have died looking so young and fresh?’

‘How come man sees events in his dreams and such events come to pass? Who is behind such information?’

‘How come man prefers to go to the Moon and other planets and yet he is afraid to explore the numerous universes within himself?’

These and many numerous questions beg for answers that are never provided to the general populace who are too pre-occupied with how to earn a living, buy a car, get married, and have children then die of in old age only to reincarnate and go through the whole process ignorantly over and over again for millions of years.

How long? How long shall man continue to go through the wheel of birth, death, and re-birth like a rudderless boat on the sea or like a pawn on the chessboard of life? For how long?

Dreams can provide the necessary insight that we need if we but try to study and understand our dreams!

So many years ago, I have often wondered about spiritual things like dreams. At about age 13, I had fearful dreams about being a Chinese man practicing Kung Fu. I had a special liking for films from China without any reason. So when I had a dream that I was a red-looking smallish man living in China, I became afraid. I explained my dreams to my mom who immediately thought it was the handiwork of evil spirits. Being an elder of a church, she immediately booked an appointment with a prophetess. We had to be there as early as 5a.m on a que to see this popular and well renowned prophetess. Eventually, when we were ushered to her presence, she prayed over many bottles of ‘Holy Water’ and requested that I drink it within 7 days and I would be cured of evil spirits. How could we have known otherwise?

So we went back home and I drank the ‘Holy Water’ as instructed only for me to have the same dream again and again. After a second visit by my mom and I, I refused to accept the fact that it was the handiwork of evil spirits. I was ready to search for more clues, but who was out there to teach me? I bought so many dream books talking about symbols and other explanations on dreams, but they never made any sense to me. None could explain dreams to me and how I could control them. But I knew then that they were direct information from God. But how was I to confirm this?

Several years later at the university while studying engineering, I was to have a dream that indicated a turning point in my life.

I had a dream about an engineering mathematics question that most of my classmates then thought would never come out in the examination. This dream was very clear and it showed that this question was compulsory and rated 40 marks out of 100. With little knowledge about dreams, I was scared but prepared for the examination with the ‘info’ I had. At the exam hall, it was exactly as it was presented in my dreams. But who was behind this information gifted to an ‘unruly and unserious’ engineering student like myself? Thus, my search for the meaning of dreams began!

‘Man know thyself!’***


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