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Dakuku Peterside Appreciates Women Development Int’l Magazine

The Federal lawmaker representing Opobo/Nkoro/Andoni constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Dakuku Peterside, has appreciated the women Development International (WDI) magazine, asking women of all ages to read it for their good.
The National Assembly member made this appreciation on April 7, 2012, at Hotel presidential, Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital, adding, “this magazine is so designed for women’s favour as anyone who comes across it will receive a positive impartation that will change her thinking for greater aim.”
He frowned at the poor reading culture and pointed out that it has harmed without recognition and called for change of attitude as knowledge is recorded in books. He explained that people only read for academic but failed to read voluntarily which is the actual source to search and tap the hidden knowledge that should develop them.
The editor of the magazine in her welcome address said WDI is a quarterly publication aimed at the youths and women development empowerment centre that is poised to investigate and report known efforts of government, corporate organizations and individuals in the promotion and entrenchment of gender quality in the society.
“WDI recognize hard work and achievement of women and showcases them to the public so as to motivate, inspire and encourage younger women to be determined for success and total relevance in all spheres of life where men seem to thrive,” Gloria stressed.
Responding to questions from newsmen, Gloria recounted several activities of the NGO said that it has empowered youths and women in different areas, given skill acquisitions, human capacity building Development, among others.
She explained that at the second quarter of last year, the NGO re-strategized, which result will soon be seen. She said it has touched lives in Rivers, Delta State and Ghana where the first editor of the WDI magazine actually dealt with in its research and reporting, adding that the NGO is committed and selfless in its approaches which made it possible to draw responsible personalities to itself.
She has it that the first edition of the magazine was released November 2011 and that the NGO works close with the government, though it needed more closeness, since they could not go alone the way she opined in the government. She called on government, NGO and individuals to work both in unity and separately to find solutions.
The editor later outlined finance as challenges which the NGO faces, inviting government and philanthropists to come to their assistance and asked for improvement in reading culture as refusal to read hinder people from getting to the messages the NGO is sending to the public from time to time.
In the same vein, a seasoned business tycoon, educationist and versatile woman, the Twon queen, Her Royal Majesty, Dr. (Mrs.) Josephine Diete Spiff, assured cool headed, vibrant and hard working women coming up to affect the world based on what she is seeing in the classroom.
She told newsmen, “Women really from time have never been neglected in the back seat. There had been women leaders, market women leaders all the while. Women had been trying their best, now modernization, jet age is bringing out more women and their potential is showcased to the world to see. So you see, God loves women just after the men. Men are prototype and women are the original, so this is time for us to explode”.
Concerning 35% position for women, she argued that numbers of women were low but now they are coming up more.
The occasion was used to honour HRM Dr. (Mrs.) Josephine and other women who had distinguished themselves in the society with awards and the presentation was done in glamour as it drew men and women of high reputation in all fields of live. ####

Mene Gbarabe

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