Rivers Matters

Health expert and a University Don, Professor Prince A. Ordu and Hon. Ibialapuye Sam Boyle, a Business Consultant has thrown their weight behind the leadership in the state as they said “RIVERS STATE MATTERS.”

They made the assertion while reacting to questions through telephone interview recently.

According to these outstanding Rivers Men, RIVERS STATE MATTERS is the coming together of all Rivers people under one umbrella to have respect, peace for all and be our brothers, sister’s keeper. To have respect for life, property and humanity. To stop the attitude of conquer and divide, plot to life and office position of Rivers people. To serve and protect the interest of Rivers State as Gov. (King) Alfred Diette Spiff, Gov. Melford Okilo, Gov. Ada George, Gov Peter Odilli, Gov. Omehia, Gov. Chibuike Amaechi and now Gov. (Barr) N.E.Wike have done.

According to Professor Ordu, PDP’s sixteen years in Nigeria has evidently recorded numerous achievements and legacies, despite backdrop in some areas of governance and as such should not be swept under the linoleum as the other parties administration is yet to prove the TYPE OF BROOM AND CHANGE promised to Nigerians. He stated that Rivers People need “ONE VOICE, ONE HEART”a quote by Abraham Lincolm and finally STRONGER TOGETHER TO MAKE RIVERS STATE GREAT AGAIN. OPPORTUNITIES AND POSSIBILITIES EXIST IN RIVERS STATE.

Rivers State — Great success comes from great support.

All things considered, Rivers State is reaping what it has sown in the past 16years. Rivers people are reaping the foundation of 16years commitment and robust leadership in three key areas of infrastructure development, security architecture, and job creation under PDP GOVERNANCE BY GOV WIKE.

In the past 16years, Rivers State has continued to make huge investment in infrastructure development and today this is what is driving its economy to the extent that recession has not affect governance in Rivers, thank Almighty GOD.

He noted that every achievement made in the previous administration in RIVERS STATE was made under PDP and should be held in esteem instead of casting aspersions on the party that created mass jobs for the citizens, prompt payment of workers’ salaries and as well boosting the nation’s economy. The mathematics is very simple as Gov Odili (PDP) = 8yrs, Gov. Omehia (PDP) = 6months + Gov Amaechi (PDP) = 6yrs and Other Parties = 1.6yrs+ Gov Wike (PDP) =1.6years, Equals to (PDP) 16yrs and Other Parties 1.6yrs. The Rivers People should understand that A BIRD AT HAND (PDP), IS WHAT MORE THAN A MILLION IN THE BUSH (Other Parties). For Rivers yesterday, today and tomorrow is best Govern, and accounted for under the leadership of PDP GOVERNANCE.  He further urged the Rivers people and non indigenes to go out in mass and cast their vote for the winning party and as well as monitor the votes from the polling units through the wards collation to the local government centers for accurate results announcement. Rivers State greatness does not depend on other parties. Professor Ordu plead to Rivers people to do for Gov Wike, our future Senators and House of Representatives what Rivers people did for Gov. Odili, the vote for (PDP) 8yrs, Gov. Omehia, the vote for (PDP) 6months and Gov. Amaechi, the vote for (PDP) 6yrs.

He congratulated the Gov. Chief E. N Wike (CON) and the members of the Rivers State House of Assembly, and yet House of Representative/Senate. He extends gratitude to Executive members and stakeholders of the State saying that Almighty God will justify the mandate of Rivers people.

Professor Ordu, the Chief of Protocol, GDI Worldwide North America Incorporated further expressed confidence and great optimism that the forthcoming rerun in the state will all be won by PDP, adding that the PDP is on ground with a great and amiable leader like Gov. Wike and other stakeholders to make sure that the voting rights of the Rivers People are not abscond.

Continuing further, he said that winning election is all about consultation with the people, utilization of great MESSAGE, MONEY, MACHINE and mobilization in the grass root level and not by witch hunting/rigging as adopted by other parties in the Rivers State. The utilization of the above approach by Gov. Wike, has earned him the Best Nigerian Governor Award 2016 for Grassroots Development by United Kingdom base African Leadership International Magazine

He advised the other parties to play the politics of sincerity and decency instead of resorting in rigging that must certainly fail them.

He said that the Government at the centre has failed the people due to their believes of the past, ignoring the present needs and its sustainability, and hence the people need to embrace the true governance in Rivers State to avoid the development of more Accidental Public Servants within the state.

The expert described the recent hardship confronting the nation may be deliberate plot meted on the people by what he described as unready of the other parties to lead the country. According to National Bureau of Statistics of November 21, 2016, Nigerian Economy has shrunk to 2.2%. We have very high Inflation, GDP on downward slope and Slow Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) with Continuous decline of naira.

Meanwhile, he stated that the common man can no longer take care of their families as a result of the hardship. A bag of rice now cost #20,000:00 Naira. A bag of cement is at the cost of #2,300:00 Naira. He also attributed the sufferings as desperate calculations caused by wrong and injurious policies, irrespective of the low sells price of the oil.

He added that they may be man-made pain and wondered how the center leadership could determine to suffer its citizens.

Similarly, he charged the distracters of the Gov. Wike led government to desist from their ways of thoughts and join hands in building a new Rivers State of our dream.

“He has this to say” His Excellency, be DEDICATED, DETERMINED and DISCIPLINED. Remain focused and not yield to any distraction. Keep doing the good job and avoid selfish politicians, accidental public servants whose stock in trade is to tarnish the good reputation and trust the people has in you” he opined. Also, Professor Ordu advice the Rivers People to Rise Up, Don’t Argue but VOTE on December 10, 2016.

In a more related view, Prof. Ordu, the Global Coordinator for Jonathan Presidential worldwide Network USA, applauded the chief executive for demonstrating the spirit of good leadership, making Rivers State great again through great achievement within the short time frame in the office in area of infrastructure and people oriented projects/programs.

He emphasized that when a man is dancing, it is the ovation of the spectators that tells him if he is doing well or not. And that he said is very synonymous with putting a square peg in a square hole.

He said that the Gov. Wike has exceedingly done great in every sphere of governance – hence the public praises by all and sundry in the state.

According to him, having known the gimmicks of the other parties in the forth coming election, he vowed to reward every PDP contestant with bulk votes from Etche in mobilizing the people to the polling units. This rerun election is about Empowering our People and Rivers State United.

Professor Ordu, the author of “Management Problems in Selected Hospitals in Rivers State, Nigeria” thanked Gov.Wike for making the College of Medicine at RSUST a dream come through, elevating RIVCAS to polytechnics status and also honoring our own son in naming Kenule Saro Wiwa Polytechnics Bori.

In the same vein, he also pour more praises to His Excellency for the construction of Chokocho-Umuechem-Ozuzu road, Igwuruta-Etche road, Rumuagholu Road, Iwofe road, Bori Road and many more, adding that the people of Etche has heaved a sigh of relieve since they can easily ply the road without been trapped on the way by bad spots unlike before.

In addition, Hon. IBIALAPUYE SAM BOYLE further described the awesome inclusion of women in the governance in the state, noting that it is a great means of empowerment of its kind in the history of the state. Rivers State is second to none. Do not forget Rivers.

Hon. IBIALAPUYE SAM BOYLE applauded the effort of Gov. Wike for his role in granting amnesty to repentant cultist in the state as a way of making Rivers State investors friendly. He further congratulates all the PDP stakeholders of the State on their efforts towards the winning of Opobo/Nkoro Constituency.

He advised the Gov.Wike to intervene in the area of health by equipping the Health Centers which for the past years has worn the face of mere herbal homes. Hon. Boyle thank Gov. Wike on flagging the reconstruction of the Abonnema hospital as promised during his campaign.

He called and made an appeal to the amiable Gov. to embrace the BRACED Commission in contributing to develop the South-South region with priority in Agriculture, Environment, Human capacity development and Industrialization.

“You have bridged the gap of infrastructural deficit in the state within few years”.


His words:

I, Hon. IBIALAPUYE SAM BOYLE, Member PDP Atlanta Branch, Southeast Director, GDI Worldwide North American Incorporated, Deputy Director, Jonathan Presidential worldwide Network USA, heartily facilitate with our amiable and focused Governor of River State, Chief Hon. (Barr.) Ezenwo Nyseom Wike CON and the Members of Rivers State House of Assembly/House of Representative/Senate for their recent Victories at the Supreme and Appeal Court and determination to transform the state to its garden City Status.

He also uses this opportunity to commend the effort of His Excellency Chief (Barr) N.E Wike for his developmental strides as well as living up to his campaign promises of good governance to the people and most recent burial of Literary Giant Dr. (Captain) Elechi Amadi.  Hon. Boyle urged “Rivers people that their vote matters reject cynicism and fear”. “When other parties go low, Rivers people should go high-Vote. The world needs love, and Rivers people need love”.

I am certain that the developmental strides of the Governor in the area of massive construction of Road Network, improvement of the Infrastructure standard of our public school, human capital development, security, good Health policies, Education as well as the flag-off of the NEW PHASE OF PROJECTS 2016, have put smiles to the faces of Citizens of the Rivers State.

His Excellency, you have justified the confidence that truly portray you as a charismatic and patriotic Leader; hence you should be rest assured that the citizen are ready to show our unalloyed support and loyalty.

We pray for more prosperous years in office.

Congratulations our visionary leader

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