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ISSUES ABATTOIR: Regret, Is Nigeria Going?

Muhammadu-Buhari-NKNine (9) months running and Nigerians both at home and in Diaspora have reasons to distinguished between the Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s, PDP led federal government and the Muhammadu Buhari, APC led federal government in Nigeria with a consideration on the much noise for change.

By the time of filing in this piece many Nigerians including former President Olusegun Obasanjo and former governor of the Nigeria Central Bank now Emir of Kano Alhaji Sanusi Lamido sanusi must have been regretting their various actions, roles and activities in the plots to fail the first South-South president and meritorious Doctor of Philosophy from occupying the Aso Rock Villa for a second time.

Nigeria as a country is indeed stronger and bigger than the supposed intelligence of the former dictator especially in a democratic system where all orders are not likely taken by anyone.

It is gathered that President Muhammadu Buhari must have noticed that his orders are no longer final as in the Military, therefore against his initial and hatched plans to rule Nigeria, hence his expression of regret.

The president was quoted to have regretted being Nigeria’s president as his ill desires are not met irrespective of how his aides may have design or paint it.

The President has spoken his mind, like it or not what Nigerians would notice in a day would be his resignation letter to Senate and House of Representatives.

Buhari said “he wondered why oil, which used to sell for over $140 per barrel, would reduce to $30 per barrel during his time as the president.

This is a clear indication that the president was all about propaganda rather than facing the real job. He is yet to acknowledge that his predecessor, Dr. Jonathan has a way and power of negotiation widely different from endless and senseless travels round the globe.

President Muhammadu Buhari also regret about not coming into power when the treasury was still full. What in a right thinking human system would suggest to a sitting president to publicly utter such words of regret if not the thought to loot and damage the economy of the nation.

President Buhari also said “Why is it that it is when they made the country insecure that I returned”? Obviously, President Buhari has severally said that he was coming for a change, so it is worrisome for the same man to state his regret over returning when the country is insecure. It is laughable for president Buhari to have made those comments as credited to him in far away the shores of the United Kingdom during his 6 days vacation.

Indeed, with the above words of regrets the nations’ president had released, it is crystal clear that his emergence would not attract any positive outcome rather tending the country into destruction and difficulty.

The truth is that Mr. President and his political Party has failed Nigerians judging from his position against his election, hence declaring to the nation and the world why he came as the President not to change anything but to ruin the country.

Truth, it is said is bitter but it is unsinkable and must always remain crucial to the development of any society, family, relationship or organization.

Nine (9) months into the current administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress, APC, there is the fact without mincing words that, the shoes left behind by former Nigerian President Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, is indeed bigger in size than what President Buhari’s legs could measure.

Questions on the lips of Nigerians suggest that Nigeria rather than moving forward seems retrogressing against what the incumbent belief to be change or better still it could be said to be “changing from good to worse.” With all due respect to the appropriate authority, the throne of leadership in Nigeria requires not only personal intelligence, wisdom, and integrity but also political cum educational experience to pilot the country’s affairs.

The happenings around the nation are eye opener that the ruling political party, the All Progressives Congress, APC, does not have a well thought out plan or manifestoes for the development of the nation. When a country’s leadership swings from one point to the other, making contradictory comments and statements without stability, then victory, development and progress is said to be far for it to succeed.

Incumbent Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari during his electioneering campaign told the citizenry of his knowledge on how to curb the menace of Boko Haram within three (3) months of assumption of office. Regrettably, It is on record today that in nine (9) months of administration from assumption of power, the dreaded sect has wreck havoc on the North East Nigeria than ever since its inception.

Under the current administration, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, is being used to witch hunt perceived political opponents rather than fighting corruption as established by law. For instance, what is the gravity of offence committed by Diezani Allison-Madueke – former Minister of Petroleum than those committed by the Imo State governor Owelle Roches Okorocha, former Lagos and Rivers State governors, Barr. Babatunde Fashola, SAN, and Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi. It’s laughable that, Sambo Dasuki former National Security Adviser, NSA, Raymond Dokpesi and others are being quiz by the EFCC for no just course while the likes of Amaechi, Fashola, Peterside, Okorocha, amongst others walk freely on the streets of the nation.

It is more worrisome that unlike the Obasanjo’s, Yar Adua’s, and Jonathan’s era, where states controlled by the opposition political parties were allowed to thrive, the current administration led by President Buhari is hell bent to make Nigeria a one-party State, what a tyranny?

Consequent upon the above paragraph, the judiciary at the Apex level had to the glory of God straighten the ills committed by the election petitions tribunal which muddle up election matters brought before it. Should the judiciary not be allowed to remain independent by the Buhari government then the country heads to collapse. What is the position of the legislature, the Buhari’s led APC federal government should consider a working legislature than a dictatorial or rubber stamp law making house, irrespective of power of party affilation.

Is it not ridiculous, for the president to always speak from both sides of his mouth on several issues of national importance? For instance Mr. Buhari has made a u-turn on the appointment of a petroleum minister which he had refused to yield to earlier advice. What has he seen to have appointed a state minister for that ministry? It was barely 6 months before the president could constitute his cabinet, funny indeed is that the president did not make his appointments outside known corrupt personalities even as earlier speculated in the media before the said appointment.

Where is the United States of America for the assistance to flush out Boko Haram. It was a problem when former President Goodluck Jonathan GCFR, abandoned the US for France to procure the needed weapons to wage war against the insurgents. Sincerely, Nigerians are witnesses to the bombardment of Boko Haram’s camp during the last days of the former President, but the reverse is the case today that a onetime military general who even boasted beyond his capability is on the saddle of power. What an irony?

President Buhari also told Nigerians that all unemployed citizens would be paid at least five thousand (N5,000) each if he becomes the president, but regrettably, nine (9) months after, while the youths are calling on him to fulfill the election campaign promises he made, the President is busy sacking civil servants. Parastatls of the federal government are experiencing daily hunger and difficulty in the land.

Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR has left behind oversize shoes for president Buhari, such that he (Buhari) could not wear not to mention of walking with it.

The former President is academically sound, had the experience as a Deputy Governor, a Governor, Vice President, Acting President and above all President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Africa’s giant. Although former President Jonathan was not crazy with power, or could not consider his region first above others which amounted to his failure against his people, he has demonstrated his political prowess, sound mind, interest in all the regions and administrative capability which has earned him international recognition and acceptance.

Contrary to the feet so achieved by the Jonathan’s led federal government, the Buhari administration has worsen things as his inconsistency in words and policies has already marred the current administration at the federal level except something urgent is done.

The large shoes left behind by former President Jonathan and the inability of the current administration to cope is a clear indication of a failing state, incompetency of the ruling party, the APC to manage, or govern Nigeria.

It would be recalled that few weeks after being sworn-in, president Buhari was quoted to have said that age would hamper his achievements, adding that developing the country is procedural rather than magical.

As analysts, the statement credited to the incumbent president posits that he (Buhari) on taking oath of office had actually seen the differences between democracy and military administration and as well indicates that he cannot govern the country which he has been yearning to do for years.

For a president of a country to testify of his inability to govern the country he contested to govern though without a blue print either by his party or himself, then it is obvious that the country is drifting to anarchy, or perhaps been impeached.

Sad enough is the precarious nature the country is moving. If Nigeria under the current leadership of president Buhari is to wage war against corruption, what and where is the fight ought to have begun rather than the 1985 administration and the pre-election certificate saga purportedly said to be either with a school or military. Such matters are now swept under the carpet but must it be so forever in a country where corruption must give way? God help Nigeria.

There are numerous issues to contend with in this episode but for time factor, it behooves on Nigerians to always ask some hard questions before adhering to some command. It is without mincing words that Issues Abattoir reveals that supporters of the president are now in weeping and regrettable mood; though some are humanly coming out to shout, A-P-C, change! Where is the boasted change?

For Nigeria to develop further, certain sacrifices must be made to allow for not only sanity in the polity, but growing the economy which the current government has jeopardized.

Meanwhile, President Buhari should allow for the independence of the judiciary in Nigeria. Members of the ruling APC must desist from using the president’s name in confusing the populace and judiciary. And if the president claims innocence of what his name and loyalists are causing to the polity, he (Buhari) must rise up to the challenges of maintaining sanity in the system by calling his fans to order, reason before making statements on policy matters.

The judiciary, trial tribunal and Appeal Courts were taken over by the APC going by the daily occurrences at the judiciary. The court is the hope of the common man, but where the hope of a perceived hopeless man is infringed on, what would the people do? Kudos to the Supreme Court for standing on truth.

Appeal tribunal is a case in issue now. Can a court adjudicate and deliver judgment on an election matter against a candidate or winner of an election without reason?

Again, the nation’s legislature must be left alone to function without undue interference by the ruling party. The APC should borrow lift from the PDP’s leadership in the country where all arms of government were accorded their constitutional place.

It is no news that president Buhari is not and cannot be the first president, or head of state of the country, neither could he be the last hence, he should abhor the military stylist administration currently ongoing in the country, if APC should rule or govern and take Nigeria to the next level.

Nigerians fate could be said to have now hang in the balance following incessant occurrences which draws the country backward instead of progression.

Issues Abattoir while considering the above submissions, appeal to the presidency to desist from total dependency on oil income and toe the legacies lay by the former president Jonathan’s administration and stop any form of lip services if they want Nigeria to flourish.

Furthermore, Issues Abattoir appeal that workers’ wages should not be meddle with by the APC governors acknowledging that the civil servants are the base or engine room of governance in every sector. The Presidency must also stop laying off civil servants in the country.

President Buhari and APC led federal government must look beyond propaganda and propel the country to more desirable level where other countries would consider it for investments of all sorts. Thank You.


With James Mgboineme


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