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Why Yahweh Love Yahosheans More Than Other Religion Organizations

The Grand creator Yahweh is not partial in showing His love to His creatures but like the principle of love and order of preference, Yahweh loves the Yahosheans religion movement more than other religions organization because they obey His words, observes His appointed festivals and refused to deny His personal ineffable scared name and that of His son, Yahoshea Meshiyach. Rev. 3:7-8.
For Yahweh said, worship me with my personal ineffable sacred name, Yahweh through my begotten son Yahoshea Meshiyach, keep the Sabbath holy in worshipping me only On that day “because it is my day” for six days shall you labour but on the seventh day is a day for me, love your fellow human being more than yourself, not loving your neighbour as yourself.
Yahosheans try as much as they could to have sustained the truth by remembering the personal ineffable sacred name of Yahweh and Yahoshea in their prayers and worships, the Sabbath is something they do not joke with anyone, no matter how dear you maybe to them, they have tried to maintain a faithful attitude of observing the Passover, feast of Booth, celebrate the solar calendar months feast of new year in Abib (1st April) Exodus 12:1-2, Lev. 23:1-end and all that Yahweh had instructed man to observe and obey, Joshua 1:8, Deuteronomy 16:1, Deuteronomy 29:29.
They have shown Yahweh their love and refused to denied His personal ineffable sacred name in their prayers and worships, psalms 91:14-16, psalms 50:15, they do not pretend to marry only one wife but marry as many as they could carter equally, they operate on open mind as they beloved that all human beings are created by Yahweh as Yahweh exist in them with the common understanding of Yahweh, created man in His image after His likeness, Yahosheans accommodate all that comes their way, not minding tribe or colour. Because Yahosheans believe in “each for all, all for each” as their driving motto as they go about doing their business as other normal human beings in the society, thus fulfilling the golden rule, “do unto others what you would want others do unto you”
Yahosheans do not believe in the false doctrine of Satan or devil but rather believe that there is no opposing power to that of the supreme power of Yahweh, who is the omnipotent, they do not also believe the story of war between God and Lucifer the devil in heaven, Revelation 12:7-12, rather they believed that each man his tempted by his lust in a particular thing at a particular time by his negative thought, that man has negative and positive thoughts.
Yahosheans will never believe that the Saviour of mankind, Yahoshea Meshiyach, the son of Yahweh was born on 25th of December Christmas “Xmas day”, rather they strongly believe and accepted the fact that the son of Yahweh, the Saviour of the world was born on 2nd October solar year 3996 first creation (FC) as was revealed to the most senior prophet Yahmarabhi Meshiyach, the end time prophet and promised comforter by Yahoshea Meshiyach, and not Christmas 25th of December, which prophet revealed this to other religious organizations.
Yahosheans do not compromise the instructions of Yahweh their authority to any other thing hence they pledge absolute faith and loyalty to Yahweh alone and refused to bow to any other thing or name in the universe. As they believed that what one sow one must reap thus having total confidence only in Yahweh.
Yahweh and Yahoshea’s name alone are the salvation mark that will be seen on every true believers foreheads, Revelation 14:1 as against the doctrine of trinity, God the father, God the son and God the holy Ghost.
Yahosheans witness only Yahweh and Yahoshea Meshiyach world wide at the instance of God, Jehovah and Jesus Christ as they believed Jehovah as a name assembled from seven idols names, while believing that Yahweh is the only personal ineffable sacred name of the Grand creator psalms 83:18 others. Please read the bible revised standard version preface (V) for clear understanding of God Elohim, Lord Adoniah and Jehovah as the Jews (Hebrews) J was taken from Elohim, “H” from Hera, “O” from Osiri, “V” from Venus, “A” from Jupiter Adonai and “H” from Hermes that is how the word Jehovah was established, which means it is not a divine name meant for invocation or worship, not to talk of addressing it to the supreme being of creation.
For fear of not becoming earth bound spirits Yahosheans tend to stick to obeying only Yahweh no matter the material wealth posed unto them by any religion organizations as they worship Yahweh in His most preferred mode of simply method of worship by putting on the attire prescribed for them, like their master Yahoshea Meshiyach, and the heaven hosts.
Yahosheans will rather make all expenses to see that those willing to gain the salvation have it by preaching to them freely as they were healed without paying money for their healing, as they believed the power of healing and salvation mark could be given to any that believe in Yahweh and Yahoshea Meshiyach alone by Yahweh, hence they refused to be influence by wealth from man to amass wealth in creating or inventing doctrine against the scriptures to make huge wealth. Rev. 22:18-19.
Yahosheans believe in marriage rather than having girlfriends, as they believed that sex is the only means agreed married couple could bring another of their kind into the world. (procreation).
They also believed that Yahweh is all merciful, omniscience so is incapable of forgetting and wicked act as was propagated by some religious organizations, Gen. 6:6.
Yahosheans have absolute trust and confident in Yahweh alone as their anchor in life so do not have any other thing attached to their lives as to protect them, because the name of Yahweh is for salvation and protection hence they demonstrate absolute love and faith in clicking to His name day and might. Psalms 91:14-16, Prov. 18:10.
Yahweh loves Yahosheans because they obey him by calling Him by His name in worship and prayers alongside with His begotten beloved son Yahoshea in every Sabbath. They are humble, they are not boasters, they do not deceive the suffering masses to raise wealth for themselves as is the case with other self acclaimed religious organizations. They do not compromise His name with wealth, position and fame, yes; they are never influenced with worldly materials at the expenses of Yahweh name and instructions. They rather practice the word with an empty stomach than with all the wealth and fame of the world. They keep the words of Yahweh.
Yahweh loves the Yahosheans more than another religious organizations because Yahosheans project His name and observe His approved appointed solar calendar feasts, Leviticus 23:1-end, Joshua 1:8, Deuteronomy 29:29, they also believed that angel (messengers of Yahweh) do not have reasoning consciousness as they disappear into tiny air the moment they were done with the assignment assigned them. Psalms 103:20.
Yahweh loves the Yahosheans more than other pretentious believers who do not know the value of His name because Yahosheans takes the risk of defending the name and ordinances day and night though they are of little strength. Rev. 3:7-8, John 15:1-5, Exodus 20:8, because they make Yahweh their refuge and refused to deny His name while other religion organizations call or address Him God, Jehovah, Lord and His son Jesus Christ instead of Yahoshean, meaning for He shall save His people. Matt. 1:21.
Yahweh defend, protect and Yahosheans more than other religion organizations because, Yahoshean standby the truth by believing that Yahoshean Meshiyach died on Wednesday and resurrected on Saturday and not Sunday. Daniel 9:27, Mark 16:1.
Yahweh loves the Yahosheans, the Holy Assemblies of Yahoshean Meshiyach (HAYM) because while other religion organizations were deceived in believing that the son of man whose sacred name is Yahoshea Meshiyach has blood, Yahosheans truthful and faithful believed in the scriptures which says; Yahoshea Meshiyach is a spirit and has no blood. Luke 1:34-35.
Yahosheans are being loved by Yahweh more than other religion organizations worldwide because, they are the only organization religions wise could defend Yahweh’s name and true doctrine as other religion organizations all believed that Yahoshea was (crucified nailed to a cross while the truth is, Yahoshea was transfixed on a tree. Act 5:30.
The reason of religion body being in existence is to teach the salvation giving message to free those in spiritual bondage, so as to be reunited with their maker (Yahweh) any other mindset or aim of a religion body or organization being in existence apart from this point is fraudulent.
This write up is not to gain popularity but to streamline things as for those who have been deceived out of salvation by man invented religion and dogmas to retrace their step as to come out of their shell in taking to the only salvation truth available at the Holy Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach (HAYM) No. 4 Elechi Beach, Mile 1 Diobu, Port Harcourt, behind the UBA Schools Board.
I know your conscious is alive and you can reason through the scriptures (The Bible) with the guidance of the father (Yahweh) who gives to whoever that is ready to know the truth from Him the sole truth, if you are sincere to know the truth.
Take no offence, defend no doctrine but simply abide by the truth through the scriptures as you peruse through in simplicity and sincerity and I tell you, you will be amazed the revelation of truth you will get from Yahweh. “You have missed alot but it is not too late, you can reverse the situation for the best, you could call up this writer, if you are willing to make a change as to gain salvation. Forget about your pride, fame and take a stand today. Today is the appointed time for your salvation as you pick your phone to call 08037384663 and clear your back log of spiritual and physical problems, because Yahweh is willingly waiting for you to be redeemed once and for all, Yahweh bless you as you call. ###
Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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