The Unprecendented Passage Of 2013 Budget

Since 1999 when democratic dispensation was ushered in to the country, there was never a time when budget was presented before the fiscal year. It is a welcome development that 2013 budget is first of its kind in Nigeria. The late presentation of appropriation bill has been a major factor of argument why government could not meet up the execution of projects in the country. Federal and state budgets have set back which in turn has given room to the under development excuses in the country.
Indeed, the budget of the fiscal year is often passed in the last month of the first quarter. And budget implementation is always affected because of its lateness of presentation and passage. Because of late passage of the appropriation bill some ministers return the unspent money to office of government while others misappropriate theirs.
It is a common phenomenon which has come to stay and has formed the tradition of budget implementation in Nigeria. The annual budget of a country when passed on time directs and helps the entrepreneur to have scope in the fiscal year
2013 budget of the Federal Government and some state governments were passed into law in 2012. This is a good omen. If the budget is judiciously implemented, there will be ground breaking breakthroughs in projects implementation in the country.
And this will stop the unwarranted excuses given as a result of failure or poor budget implementation. Often times, the failure of government not being able to complete projects in the country is attributed to ate passage of appropriation bill into law for fast and smooth implementation.
Thus, the jinx has been broken by both the executive and legislative arms of government. There will be no budget proposal gimmicks that play in to cause distraction arid unnecessary blames.
The President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has set the ball rolling and some state governors have followed suit. 2013 budget will not face traditional difficulties in terms of implementation. From the perspective view of the three tiers of government 2013 will witness robust execution of life transforming projects in the country.
Again, there s need for prompt release of fund to contractors, ministries and agencies to avoid excuses of the past. Nigerians are eagerly expecting change in 2013 indeed, from all indications, in 2012 the federal government and Rivers State appropriate bills for 2013 have been passed into law. The aims and objectives of 2013 budget should be actualized irrespective of person incharge of the disbursement of fund and implementation of projects.
In 2013, Rivers people and Nigerians expect durable projects that will meet their yearnings. The era of ate budget is over, All the sectors should be given attention as to show difference from the previous years. There is need for less talk from the angle of government. Let citizens speak of the great achievements of government in the country. This is 2013. Works in various sectors should start immediately especially roads construction. The benchmark of the budget is on crude oil. And for now, in the international market there is no difficulty in the sale of oil. This is not a year of excuses and blames. Rather it is the year of action. As Nigerians expect much from government this year, taxes should be paid by the citizens.
More so, activities that hamper smooth execution of projects should be stopped by the people. Construction workers should not be kidnapped or maimed while doing lawful dudes. Marching ground, in some communities should not be encouraged. Looting of funds meant for projects should be discouraged. Construction companies should be mobilized with funds to execute projects that will speak for early passage of the budget. Poor or inferior quality materials should not be used to construct any projects in the country. Federal government, states and local government councils have budget of 2013. The budget of 2013 is set and there is no need to delay the implementation.
If the budget is religiously executed, the roads problem challenges, poor health facilities, poor power supply, poor funding of education and its falling standards, and unemployment will be drastically addressed with a human face. The 2013 budget should not be toyed with as to create room for unnecessary excuses and blames.
For the unprecedented and speedy passage of 2013 budget into law, the National Assembly, Mr. President, Rivers State Governor, State Assembly and other states that did same deserve kudos from Nigerians.
Above all, Nigerians expect proper execution of projects in the country. Year.2013 is a year of great change for all. No to delay or poor execution of projects again as budget out to guide award of contracts has been passed. ####
Frank Eneawaji Ogwuonuonu

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