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Islamic Youth Leader Advocates Religious Partnership To Eradicate Boko Haram

Worried over the incessant killings by the Boko Haram sect, the leader of the Youth Forum Islamic Movement of Nigeria, Rivers State Branch, Alhaji Aliyu Danjuma Zariwa has called on Christians and Moslems faithful across the nation who believe in one God to follow the real teaching of Christ to end Boko insurgence in the country.
Alhaji Zariwa made the call during the celebration of Eid-Elmaulude to mark the annual anniversary of Prophet Mohammed’s birthday at Gambia Street in Port Harcourt.
“As far as we believe in one God, there is need for us to use the same spirit and end this monster that is giving us nightmare”.
The youth leader who spoke on behalf of the body debunked insinuations across the nation that the Moslems were responsible for the Boko Haram insurgency, stressing that a real Moslem cannot do such a thing, because they preach against violence and killings and adhere to the doctrine of the holy Koran which preaches peace and unity in the nation.
He blamed Nigerian leaders for encouraging Boko Haram by sponsoring the importation of arms and ammunition which they use to eliminate lives in the country.
According to him, the bomb which kills Nigerians on daily basis was not imported by an ordinary men, but the internal leaders who work in conjunction with the foreigners for the importation of arms and ammunition in the country “they should remember that there is death and after death there is resurrection so they should do well in this planet earth in order to see good in the resurrection day”.
The youth leader, who revealed that the Eid-Elmanuld ceremony is geared towards celebration of the birth of Prophet Mohammed as Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in every 25th of December, said there is need to celebrate Prophet Mohammed.
According to him, Prophet Mohammed who hails from Arab was called by God to go and deliver his people who were idle worshippers, but on reaching there, he and his followers were confronted with intimidation and hostility, he later sent his followers to NIJaran now (Ethiopia).
Alhaji Zariwa further disclosed that when Mohammed was on earth he paid visit to Christians and there was peace and harmony between the Moslems and Christians.
Commenting on the reason why Christians and Moslems are not friendly presently as it was during Mohammed time, the youth leader noted that it is not all the Moslems that are not friendly to Christians, pointing out that there are always betrays in every community, association and organization just as Judas Iscariot betrayed his master Jesus Christ in the scripture, stressing that as a Moslem “we advocate for peace and harmony.
On the assessment of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi the governor of Rivers State’s administration, the Moslems youth leader described governor Amaechi as a performer who has improved the lives of the people of the state, adding that he has cordial relationship with the Northerners who reside in the state. ###

Emeka Jilly Ejiowhor

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