You Are Always In Our Minds
Dedicated To Our Publisher
Late Kenneth Amabipi
The Publisher of The Newswriter
How can we tell your departure
To whom could we tell
That Oga Kenneth Amabipi
Is gone to the land of no return
How with which face
Could we do that
Really things could never be same
Birds and fishes know your person
The sun stopped shining
The moon regrets to give its light
Darkness rove around our souls
The Newswriter mourns
The great publisher is gone
He joined his forefathers unannounced
It is our sadness
But it is heaven’s glory
Now and forever it will continue
Kenneth Amabipi wont be the
Last and will never be first
You have worked to earn hero
The hero of our hearts
Together we will miss you
Now and forever
Because you are a good man
A pure soul of goodness
Intelligent, dedicated and loving
Principled, disciplined in all your ways
Time and season tell of your virtues
The classic orator of the Waterfront Parliament
It is true that you are gone
If there is anything that we have missed
Is your encouragement for success
Your mentorship, the advice
Publisher tell us in tongues
Not a story, your wish
How do we grow The Newswriter
We are your trainees
Your very effort had produced
To run your first love
The Newswriter, the moving train
We have unfinished business with you
We still need your instruction
In investigative and feature write-ups
You know we depended on you
Like the teacher and father you are to us all,
In our hearts you are gold
One father of us all
In plainness, loving, tender and caring
Tell it not to the birds that Oga Ken is gone
Say it not in the land of the living
But we will never derail
Where the sadness of your departure swings us
Forever you remain evergreen in our hearts
Publisher we bid you farewell
Rest in perfect peace.
Till we meet to part no more

By Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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