Our Orator is Gone

Late Kenneth Amabipi

The Publisher of The Newswriter

Publisher is it true that you have gone

When we least expected

You were our hero and delight

Where we talk about the pen profession

You might not know how we admired

Your style of delivering the bomb

Courageously and fairly

You offended no one

When you did your writing

Always right at the point

Where the truth pains

Even in pain you smiled

How can we manage without you?

We beckon on you now and then

A Goodman does not hide

Even in the darkest

Deed of pain and sorrow

We will always miss you

In story telling in papers

Your smiling face, you hid

The great orator of the waterfront parliament anchor

The dramatist, the writer

How can we tell the story?

And to whom will we tell

No longer our smile shine

No longer will we sit at the threshold

Even as you journey home

This Saturday causing your

Separation with us

Just for a moment

You will be good to the maggots

You are going to our unknown land

The land of no return

If there is any need for us to cry

Would you want us to cry

We hope you loved us all

Your promise is for us to grow

Grow The Newswriter together

Then why do you bow out

To wicked death of no respect

We lack gut to say

Farewell, our dear publisher

Even as we will miss you

We will always have you in our minds

The entire Newswriter crew

Will stick together, your dream

Like a bunch of broom

To sweep clear your desire

The Newswriter

We may stumble and never fall

over your good virtues as a publisher

We may tell of your glorious days with us on earth

Even as you hide your face

From us in eternity

We may not derail in the job

You have called us to be partners

But in a moment

We will see you no more

This we will not be afraid

Because you have fought a good fight

For us to succeed, where honour,

Regard awaits us in peace

Publisher you have gone

The great story teller gone

Gone into eternity

When you decided to peep

Into the eyes of Tisra til

To catch the bountiful bliss

Of the will of the master

In sweet melodies tongue

Sing your own uh in disguise

Farewell, publisher

When the winds sing along

The path you are directed

Farewell beloved publisher

In heaven mercy and guide

Today in unspoken words

Farewell our boss

Till we meet to part no more

By Allanso Jonathan Allanso

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