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Eve Afrique Raises Awareness On Cervical Cancer


A non governmental organization, Eve Afrique had said that cervical cancer is mostly found in women and it kills faster if not discovered on time.

The organizations Eve Afrique Red Ball for charity made this known at the 3rd edition of the event at the grace event centre.

The event which had the theme “An Evening of Glam, Glitz and serious Talk in support of cervical cancer awareness and prevention was put together by Eve Afrique.

The organizers of Eve Afrique for the awareness of cervical cancer Mrs. Ivy Davies Etokapkan said the organization decided to choose cervical cancer because of its prevailing circumstance in the society.

Mrs. Etokpkan in her welcome address at the event said the choice of topic is important because of its deadly attack on women.

She said the event is used to raise awareness, prevention and help those suffering from cervical cancer in the society.

The organizers said this is the third edition of such programme but different topic each year to positively impact the society hence the “Red Ball” which is a world class event with a lot of support from corporate organization and individuals.

The visionary leaders of Eve Afrique stated that the event is a huge success because of the caliber of those who honour the invitation especially the Nigerian Ambassador to South Korea.

In her presentation, Dr. Rosemary Oku of the Medical Women Association of Nigeria a non governmental organization described cancer as deadly if not discovered on time.

Mrs. Oku said women including young school girls should go for test and screening as early detection can lead to cure and prevention.

She said cancer  is a growth in the body but most time is hiding in the body which is a leading cause of death among women in Africa, Nigeria and even Rivers State.

Dr. Oku in her lecture said the early stage of cervical cancer is treatable but full blown cancer is dangerous.

The cause of cervical cancer, HPV, Human Papiloma Virus is mostly seen through sexual intercourse which cause virginal bleeding and can be experienced  after intercourse, other symptom include bad odour. HPV infection appears to be a necessary factor in the development of all the cases of cervical cancer.

The cervical cancer situates at the cervix, a narrow portion of the uterus where it joins with the top of the virginal the Dr. said.

She said since there is no radiotherapy right now in the state, vaccination is better, although treatment is expensive but HPV testing with follow-up pap smear will help, there is also visual inspection of the cervix.

Highlight of the event was the auction sales of mostly high fashion designers’ cloth from Port Harcourt for charity and award to some sponsors as about one hundred and fifteen thousand naira was raised for those with cervical cancer. ###

Pius Dukor

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