Nigeria Bows Out Of FIFA Confeds Cup

KESHI STEPHENThe FIFA Confederations Cup have come and gone for Nigeria but kudos should be given to the boys for their gallant sheer determination to contend Super powers of soccer in world soccer history.

The Uruguay and Spain are all soccer established powers in world football. For the Eagles to rattled them the way they did, shows that there is hope for the Nigerian national team in the future.

Yes, the super Eagles of Nigeria is out of the FIFA Confederations Cup, but their gallant display of determination in taking every game as it comes shows that given much opportunity to stay together, the Eagles would have given the shock of teams like Spain, Uruguay. Spain and Uruguay team players have been together for a longer period of time, unlike the Eagles who only come together from their different clubsides only few days to the Confederations Cup Competition.

Spain and Uruguay both have established world strikers of repute and could not be compared to the strikers of the Nigeria Super Eagles. Hence the Eagles suffer the early exit.

The Nigeria Super Eagles strikers do not understand simple football technique like, follow up, timing, reading and maintaining position.

In the Keshi-led Eagles squad, there is only one attacker who understands what is position and football follow up, and he added reading to make the difference in the matches he featured. No wonder his early exit in the Uruguay match depleted the Super Eagles attack line up.

Ahmed Musa is the worst culprit in all these tactical technical factors and affected the play of the Eagles from the Uruguay match to the Spain match.

He had all the best chances that came the Eagles way but because he is lacking in reading, timing and positioning, the Eagles attack force forfeit the entire goal scoring chances the Eagles had against Uruguay and Spain.

Musa did not know how to pull out or cross the ball to his Super Eagles colleague. Supposing Ahmed Musa knows how to read, time and positioning, he could have been complementing the efforts of Nnamdi Oduamadi Brilliant reading, timing and positioning abilities.

The Super Eagles lost out based on lack of tactical technical abilities in the FIFA Confederations Cup. ###

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