Prayers And Creative Visualization

Prayer as written earlier can be a simple petition as in man to a Higher Being (God) whom we think can fulfill our desires whether they maybe genuine or not. It was also written that prayer can also be passive as in meditation where the practitioner waits

 endlessly upon a higher being to impact on us psychically and these impacts manifest as visions. Contemplation was also identified as another form of prayer where the individual operates from the spiritual level having identified himself with the Spiritual power and simply aligns his will with the will of God and surrenders completely to the outcome of the situation.

All these forms of prayer, apart from contemplation intend to force God to do our bidding. However, these are based on the fact that God or this ‘Higher Being’ sits in idleness and when one of his creation desires something no matter how mundane, God wakes up from Its idleness and answers our prayers and thus the individual who offers such prayers is regarded as ‘man of God’ who has the ability to control God or the Holy Spirit.

This is the greatest fallacy of all times! God Almighty, our Creator is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent. In simple terms, this implies that God in Its infinite Mercy and Wisdom knows all things, has all power and is present everywhere. Who then can match the power of God our Creator?

It is also agreed that God Almighty concluded creation (of the lower worlds) in seven days (as agreed by some religions) and thereafter was pleased with Its creation. In other words all possible situations or combination of situations possible in the actions of his creations has been programmed in the spiritual computer and is made to run eternally without any short circuit. In other words all planetary and human actions also run as the light of the day gives way to the darkness of the night. This implies that God works with spiritual laws of life that are immutable and applies universally in all the creations of God which regulates all the thoughts, words and actions of Its creations. Since creation has been concluded by God, it also implies that there is nothing new for man to create but man is given the power to manifest whatever he needs through the law of manifestation utilizing the creative principle inherent in man.

Man as written earlier, is created in the image and likeness of God. It is not the physical body of man or woman that is created in the image and likeness of God but the spiritual aspect known as Soul, a spark of God. This Soul is what drives the physical body of man. It is made of the pure shining Light of God. Soul also possesses all the attributes of God as in omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. The only difference is that these attributes are in potent forms and Soul having been enfolded in numerous bodies has forgotten that he is a prince clothed in rags begging for a ‘crust of bread’. In simple terms Soul in Human form has forgotten who he is and his mission in life and thus begs ‘a higher spiritual being’ when he confronts any challenge or obstacle in life.

In other words man, Soul in form, does not know Itself anymore.

Out of ignorance, he runs from pillar to post, mountains to valleys, religion to religion, denomination after denomination seeking what he does not know, seeking what he cannot fathom. Unfortunately, what Soul in form seeks is within man himself!

This is why it is written ‘Man know thyself’

This is the first step in the spiritual liberation of man. For if man knows who he is, he would realize that he is never separated from God, out Father and Creator. Man would then realize that there would be no need to ‘beseech’ God endlessly with what we do not need for our spiritual growth and understanding.

Man as Soul, a spiritual being is an individualized unit of consciousness. In other words, it is created out of the fabric of the Light and Sound, the Holy Spirit of God. Soul is in the lower worlds or universes for its spiritual education. It has the ability of wearing different bodies(uniforms actually) to attend school (earth and other planets) for its spiritual education in other for it to realize its spiritual qualities lying potent in man and eventually return to the pure heavens of God as a Co-worker in the spiritual vineyard of God. The spiritual tests (problems or challenges) he faces temper Soul and through self mastery, Soul unfolds spiritually and realizes itself as the Light and Sound of God, a unit of the Holy Spirit.

Through Karma and Reincarnation, all the thoughts, words and the action of man are regulated in this spiritual school. It is not prayer that makes a student to pass in school but simply hard work and understanding of the requirements of a good teacher or a coach while at school. Through the process of reincarnation, a student who fails is made to reincarnate (repeat) in class after dying (going home temporarily) only to reappear (being born) in class in the next life. Then the lesson is being taught all over again to see if Soul, man in form would really know who he is!

But alas, man has forgotten who he is and continues to inundate God endlessly with requests on mainly material desires and endless focus or prosperity.

So what makes man t beseech God endlessly with requests upon requests?

It is simply because mar has grown spiritually lazy overtime having been fed spiritual lies by pseudo men 01 God over many lifetimes. Sc when man prays he should realize that he is only praying to himself as a unit of the Holy Spirit without his knowledge.

For how can a man attempt to pluck fruits from a garden without knowing the Gardener?

This is why man continues to live in self delusion!

When man was created and sent to school for its Spiritual Education in the lower worlds, he was given a tool to enable it survive at School (Earth). This tool is known as imagination. For with this tool man can overcome any adversity or problems he may face while trying to solve problems in the lower worlds. As man solves one problem, it is replaced by a bigger problem and continues to develop the capacity to solve varied types of problems until man learns the art of Spiritual Self Mastery and qualifies to be a Co-Worker with God.

In other words instead of man kneeling down and begging God to fulfill his endless desires, he should follow the path of knowing who he is, knowing God and then realizing how to apply this knowledge of God in all situations in life. When man knows who he is, then he can make use of his imaginative faculties to achieve his spiritual objectives.

Just as the photographer takes pictures with the camera, goes into the dark room to process and emerges with a picture so also can man when trained, use his viewfinder (creative faculty), process this image within himself and manifest the image or condition he desires in real life.

This is known as the process of manifestation. Pure and simple!

Just as the students in school rely on the able teacher so also a spiritual student must look for a Teacher of the Light and Sound of God who can teach Soul the technique of Spiritual Manifestation. But really, it all depends on Soul. There is nothing wrong for man to kneel and ‘beg’ God his Father forever and ever but for that Soul who desires to change his situation positively and who wishes to make DIRECT contact with God, such Soul should sing HU, the Holy and Sacred name for God. This HU, (Sung as Huuuuee in a drawn out breath) will enable Soul in form to make direct contact with God through his dreams. In this way, Soul will then be directed to the Spiritual Coach whose responsibility it is to teach all Souls who are ready (some are not really ready!) to find their way back to God. ####


By Tuborki Dauyemie

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