That Unconstitutional NGF

PRESIDENT GOODLUCK JONATHANThe Nigerian Governors Forum, NGF is making the wave the media in the country even more than the National Assembly whose establishment is backed by laws of the land.

The Forum with all due respect which harbours the 36 states governors of the Federation is an illegal body, not recognized, not welcomed, not appreciated and in all not regulated because it is not constitutional.

Some say it is a forum where the states chief executives take coverage to decide on how to maltreat the local councils and its operations.

It is a forum where only the interest of members are protected against that of the citizenry or electorates while developmental strategies are not discussed.

How can people be crazy about illegal organizations without any bearing on the people they claim to be leading if there are no ulterior motives, either personal or group.

When war are waged against external forces, it becomes applauding than waging it in house against a brother irrespective of whatever perceived interests.

That unconstitutional NGF was established to synergized and compliment the Federal Government efforts in developmental stride. It was not meant to fight the Federal Government, find faults and announced it rather to work together with Federal Government in developing the nooks and crannies of the federating states.

That unconstitutional NGF was not established in President Jonathan’s tenure and governor Amaechi is not the pioneer chairman. There were chairmen before Amaechi’s tenure and the question that comes to my mind is, why does Gov. Amaechi act as pioneer chairman or even founder?

If Gov. Amaechi were the founder, one may be forced to believe that his missions, visions and heart beat must have been toiled, trample upon, hence the need to actualize it or better still develop it before leaving office for others. But here the reverse is the case.

This goes to confirm my views in paragraphs 4 and 5 above that the forum only seeks to protect members interest and wondered how people get crazy about it, if there is no secret honey flowing from there.

Suffice it to say, I have been too harsh and strong on some individual personalities especially Gov. Amaechi but must there not be mutual respect and understanding amongst brothers, where respect should be accorded to those who deserved it?

Rightly or wrongly, NGF should not be misconstrued as one’s parental property thereby laying claims and counter claims to heat up the polity.

What does Gov. Amaechi stand to loose if he forgo the NGF leadership if he had no hidden agenda to perpetrate, using the NGF platform.

It could be recalled that, Gov. Amaechi has publicly boasted that he stand to loose nothing if he is ousted out of office as governor, having served as Speaker, Rivers State House of Assembly for eight years and Governor for six years now.

What else does he want, I have said it before and let me sound it again, that those who backed Gov. Sylva Timipre had done their biddings, but are no where to be found today. Those around him now may be on mission to ensure his reserved resources and lootings are drained before throwing in their towels, I supposed.

Gov. Amaechi had said it himself on several occasions that after office people around the governors always took to their heels after siphoning the state funds.

And if he, Amaechi truly acknowledges what he said repeatedly, why is he playing around those who would soon forget and dump him to his fate.

Remember, an architect is only the designer of a building plan, no matter how beautiful and spacious the structure would be, it is left for the proud owner to complete it. Today ex-gov. Timipre Sylva is roofing and completing his house, designed by the same architects whose contributions have since ended.

As I said earlier, there have been chairmen of NGF before Amaechi Governor of Rivers State. And from available statistizes, none of them ever fought, challenged in ANY RESPECT their presidents.

Late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua of the blessed memory had led the country with his kinsmen being the NGF chairman yet without chaos, president Olusegun Obasanjo had been the leader of this country with the governors working in synergy but without rancour; why is it the turn of President Jonathan? Permit me, my dear readers to ask with all due diligence and loyalty to our dear country; was late President Yar’Adua and ex-president Obasanjo saints and faultless that no NGF member fought them? Is the incumbent, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan a devil that his kinsmen never see anything good with him?

An African proverbs has it that “the feathers on the tail of a fowl command its beauty”.

Those feathers on ex-president Obasanjo and Late President Yar’Adua beautified them irrespective of their status, style and positions then, why is the incumbent president suffering from the feathers that ought to have beautify him?

Again, another African aphorism has it that “It is the Rat in the kitchen that inform others outside that there is food in the kitchen.”

If I am not misunderstood and judging from the instances given above, could it be said or even thought of that in the case of the sitting president, a son of the south-south and Niger Delta region, it is those from the region that beacon on those outsider to destabilized the present administration via any means?

If anyone from the zone does not accord President Jonathan the needed respect and assistance to pilot the affairs of Nigeria, then where is the essence of brotherhood? I don’t intend to work against anyone but let there be respect irrespective of one’s interest.

If Gov. Amaechi had been loyal, respectful to Mr. President would there have been these incessant inflammatory comments abuses against the presidency? But my Governor had severally said he has no problem with Mr. President.

Should in anyway Mr. President had done wrong, I think Gov. Amaechi with all due respect, as governor has all it takes to meet the president in person to suggest corrective measures than taking him on probably through his aids and supporters.

However, recent happenings in the state is having some resemblance of truth that Mr. President and the governor must have been in good relationship. But in my mind, seeing the duo in public handshake and minutes discussions either at the airport or elsewhere could not justify that all is rosy.

In every respect the governor of a state must receive the visiting President at port or elsewhere, so the romance between the President and governor Amaechi at the International Airport, Omagwa was a normal process.

When the governor is on ground to welcome the President, the Minister would definitely yield to protocol whatsoever.

Meanwhile, if all that could be a sign of good things to come, Halleluyah.

Let all stay out of trouble and pursue legality and norms than incitement and name calling. I love you all.###


With James Mgboineme

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