Yahweh Has Only One Fold

Everybody on earth identifies with either his or her tribe, country, continent or family where he or she could boldly say I belong to this tribe or country or continent at interval when on a public foray of display, to claim proper his or her true identify for the purpose of not being misaddressed or misplaced in terms of understanding of the figure true position identifying his or her true place of origin.

Likewise the Grand Creator whose personal name is Yahweh did say in the scriptures continuously that His people shall know His name, Isaiah 52:6 and in many verses of the Bible, He will always affirmed the phrase “My people, this become more visible in the book of Hosea.

For Yahweh to say “His people often, He did points to the characteristic idiosyncrasy in which they could be identified as His people. This is linked to their belief as a way of life. For instance Yahweh created everybody in the world and why should He declared a particular race or people His people leaving others out of His claim. This does not mean that he rejects creating them or He is not interested in them. Like a father who has a particular liking or interest in one of his children for a reason best know to him, Yahweh pointed out the yard stick in which He had always claimed with the word “My people” to a particular group or set of people.

Isreiah (the Hebrew nation) was so particularly mentioned as Yahweh’s people throughout the scriptures because they do what He authorized them to do. Thus keeping to His ordinance and instruction they were led out as captives to other opposing nations anytime they stray away from keeping to His ordinance and instructions.

At this point it will be proper to know why Yahweh has only one fold and why should Yahweh continuously phrase with the word “my people”.

Again, how could they be identified and with what factors among the numerous people He had littered the earth.

According to Yahweh, His people shall know His name all over the world. Meaning all His people alone shall know His name and abide by that name by worshipping Him in it. It becomes their healing, their salvation, health, protection: psalms 91:14-16, Psalms 50:15.

The second sign you will see in their attitude is their steadfastness in keeping the seventh day holy and observing it to the sincerity of their lives. Exodus 20:8.

The third sign in identifying Yahweh’s only people on earth is they are little in strength but they would rather died than not keeping Yahweh’s words no matter what money or fame presented to them, they will never fall prey to it all over the world.

These set of people all over the world are not numerous in terms of figure as we see in Christianity with different doctrines and creed, yet they are claiming the Bible (the scriptures) to be their constitution.

Yahweh’s people are those whom He called unto Himself because of their being faithful in keeping to His divine personal name He called Himself not minding the little strength they possessed. (Revelation 3:8) they always strive to keep Yahweh’s word.


The true picture of Yahweh’s fold is it strict obedience to Yahweh’s word. They are always delighted in keeping to only Yahweh’s word, not minding the fame, wealth and positions of the world.


Their happiness comes from their strict adherence to Yahweh’s instructions (John 15:1-5) it takes two people of the same like to work together. Yahoshea Meshiyach His son said His sheep knows His voice and they will always answer Him if He calls them.


Dear brethren, the church you attend is not what matter here, are you also in Yahweh’s fold? Have you checked the scriptures to identify whether your church has the characteristic of Yahweh’s fold?

For instance any religious body who is calling the Grand creator other names in worship than the name He had authorized man to address Him is not in Yahweh’s fold.

Secondly, all worshippers all over the world that worship in other days order than the seventh day (Sabbath) He particularly authorized man to worship Him after creation of the world is not in His fold.

Mark you, Yahweh said, only those who have know His name and have kept His words alone are His people (fold).

Keeping Yahweh’s words means calling Him His name in worship, worshipping Him alone on the seventh day (Sabbath) and observing His appointed or approved feasts alone for celebration or observation are those He called “His people” these are the people that are in His fold. And these people are sincere souls ready to be mocked, treated as nonentities, they must not follow the crowd, they are those who walk on the narrow path.

Are you one of those people? Are you not calling Him Jehovah, God or Lord? Are you not calling His son Jesus Christ in your worships? Are you not one of those who follow the crowd to worship on Sunday the first day of the week? Are you not many in strength and observes unauthorized feasts of Yahweh? Don’t you celebrate Christmas 25th December every year as the Saviour’s birthday? Instead of 2nd October the original birthday of Yahoshea Meshiyach the son of Yahweh, the Saviour of the world?

What of Easter instead of Passover? Are you not also one of those who celebrate January as new year day instead of Yahweh’s approved Abib 1st (April 1st ) Exodus 12:1-2, Deut 16:1.

You can see now that you are not in the fold of Yahweh. It does not matter whose tribe you belong, Yahweh created the whole people in the world and authorized them to be obedient to Him, it is only with that mankind will enjoy His peace.

He said call Him by His name in worship and in prayers through His son Yahoshea Mechiyach.

Worship Him on the Sabbath day (Saturday) and not Sunday. The Bible proved Sunday as the first day of the week. Mark 16:1-2. And thirdly he said love your fellow human beings more than yourself.

And Yahweh sent His son Yahoshea Mechiyach into the world to correct the ways of mankind so that He might be one with man. This men on earth killed Him, when He was leaving, He promised sending a comforter to take over the job of correcting the world, and Yahoshea did sent the most senior prophet Yahmarabhi-Ha-comforter to teach the same message, so do well to local the Holy Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach at No. 4A Elechi Beach, behind the UBE Board at No. 16 Elechi Beach Mile 1 Diobu, Port Harcourt. Rivers State to become part of Yahweh’s fold, may Yahweh bless you real good as you free yourself from false doctrines to enter  into life.

You may call 0803738663 for your questions and criticism. Criticized but scriptural for the purpose of educating others also because Christianity to day have lost out of salvation. Revelation 14:1. ###


Allanso Jnoathan Allanso

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