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Editorial: Time To Apply Caution

When all hope to restore normalcy in the polity as it affects Rivers State seems to have failed following the adamant nature of both stakeholders, supporters, government and general masses, it now behoves of the religious organizations to intervene in the lingering Crisis, but without sympathy and partiality.

The once peacefully adjudged political Rivers State is now on the daily news within and outside the country and continent of Africa on the negative perspective, what a state where disrespect and insubordination greets the political class, even the government of the day.

Rivers State had before April 22, 2013 been engulf in seeming noticeable political fracas before the Rivers State House of Assembly forced out the elected chairman, vice-chairman and 17 councillors of Obio/Akpor local government council from office without proper investigation of allege misappropriation of public funds.

That situation greeted the state with the numerous and multi-facted problems rocking it today.

Indeed that Obio/Akpor council crisis has become the immediate cause of the political crisis in the state as most individuals paid adamant attention to the problem, believing that the state Assembly has done well.

It has also in that hallowed chambers that problem emerges stating that the process and procedures for suspending the Obio/Akpor chairman was in error.

It was also become imperative to understand that the state house could not reverse itself, an act that generated many of the untold crisis to the embarrassment of the state now.

It is also on record that the crisis continues that the state lawmaker had to adjourned their sitting indefinitely but without any effort to bring the warring parties to a round table deliberation for resolution during the entire three months break.

The experiences in the current crisis rocking the state reveals that the brick house could not intervene in the crisis within the period of sitting suspension, hence the July 9th, 2013 brutality which hitherto opens up claims, counter claims and unfounded accusation of no basis against well meaning citizens, for example, against Mr. President.

Rivers Crisis is predicted on insubordination, and disrespect to those in higher authority in the country, could this be so because of selfish intensions or group manipulated interests that may land others in some undesirable circumstances?

We view these circumstance in Rivers State as the handiwork of not only some disgruntle elements, undesirable forces but also of enemies of this state especially from the northern communities and some western allies of the powers that be in the state.

We are also concerned about the future of our state and why the brick house could not nip these problems in the bud since it was aware of it before it comes to this level.

It is obvious that there would be no smoke without fire, hence the derailing attitude of the brick house, ethnic constituents, friends and those concerned in calling to order the power that be in the prevailing circumstance.

Today, it is no longer secrets that the revelation of the genesis of these problem are overwhelming to the general public, could it be a time to say enough is enough of these shame.

We at ‘The Newswritier’ are saying that it is now time to apply caution on the many insults on our leaders while obedience and truth becomes the yardstick to amicably restore the tunder stricken state.

We observed also that the killings of Christians in the Northern Nigeria was alarming and could have demanded visitation of Northern leaders for plea, sympathy and solidarity to the south-south and south east governors but such move was grossly ignored.

We wonder why northern governors could now deem it necessary to visit Rivers State in the heat of the problems rocking the state, for whatever purposes, it is barbaric and uncalled for at the moment.

It is our advice that caution be applied for whatsoever the brick house, PDP Rivers chapter is embarking upon, acknowledging that Gov. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and Hon. Felix Amaechi Obua are not the pioneers in their respective fields of leadership in the state.

We thanked those with inflammatory comments even against the President Jonathan but urged them to desist from it forth with as no leader deserves such condemnation.

Obedience, respect, synergy and cooperation must be the driving force for all in the business of governance in our state as we call on religious organization such as Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN to now take over the state for a peaceful resolution. ###

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