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Blessing Okagbare Sets African New Record

The pride of Niger Delta, Blessing Okagbare has set an Africa athlete new record to become the fastest African woman athlete in the just concluded all African athletes meet.

Blessing Okagbare became the African fastest female athlete by setting all time record of 10.79 second. This is a new longest record set by an athlete in the African continent. With this record, Blessing Okagbare is set for the world athlete meet. This has also raised hope for Nigeria.

Blessing was a flop at the last Olympic when all hope was invested in her to atleast bring home a medal, but this turn out to be her worst disappointing outing for the country, compared to her excellent previous flying performance.

Here is another ray of hope put on the line for Nigerians sports lovers, as Blessing Okagbare is poised to fly the flag of Nigeria in the world stage in what she knows best how to do.

The Nigeria athletes Federation has been advised to without delay start preparing the lady for the tracks to be in the mood mentally, physically and spiritually, as well to be focused to represent Nigeria in good mental stance.

Nothing should be spared to make Blessing Okagbare regret her representing Nigeria this time around, as early preparation with a good athlete coupled with her salaries and allowances paid to her for the desired result expected from her, now that she is red hot and mentally ready. ###

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