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Leave Mbu Alone to Do His Professional Duties

An Activist in Port Harcourt, Mr. Binoye Sunday has called on those seeking for the redeployment of the Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Joseph Mbu to have a rethink.

Binoye who was reacting to calls from some highly placed persons in Rivers State, calling for the transfer of the police boss, said that he received reports of what was happening in Rivers State through social media (internet) while he was at overseas on a trip.

He said the reports he got about Rivers State while away from the country ridiculous to him as a Rivers man, even before his wife’s friends who were with them.

The public affairs activist, who was the chairman of the defunct “Freedom Fighters” an off-shoot of the defunct, Rivers State motorcycle operators Association explained that he took time to analyze the agitations and calls for the redeployment of Mr. Mbu on his return to Nigeria, but came to understand that the agitations are purely for political reasons.

He said “I want to ask those calling for Mbu’s transfer, to which state is he going to be redeployed? Won’t he perform his police duty in that state he will be transferred to? If he does what is anti-people, won’t we be crying for people in that state as Nigerian? And if Mbu is working contrary to the constitution, will it not be wise for those calling for his redeployment to write to the appropriate quarters, and substantiate their claim for Mbu to be dismissed outrightly, so that he will not be in the police force again.”

Furthermore, he explained that if these processes were not followed, it was improper to call for redeployment of the police commissioner.

Binoye posited that the reason for the call for Mbu’s redeployment was because he had refused to dance to the dictates of those political big wigs.

According to him, “Since Joseph Mbu came to Rivers State, we have discovered that those bad eggs in the police are beginning to adjust, to fit to Mbu’s standard of policing. Before Mbu came, people could not move freely in Port Harcourt from 6.30pm up ward, as police will arrest people and charge them for wandering and other frivolous charges without recourse. But today, that issue has gradually died,

He therefore called on Mbu’s redeployment proponent to leave him alone to do his professional assignment of securing Rivers people, since he has not committed any crime yet, until when such happens. ###

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