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Rivers South-East: The Only Road Map To Peace In 2015

The current power tussle and interest between the Ikwerres, Kalabaris extraction and or the Rivers west, East senatorial Districts has made the South-East governorship in 2015 inevitable.

Though the political environment is tensed up in Nigeria and Rivers State in particular it is obvious that in every crisis situation there are losers and beneficiaries.

Hence, this political crisis in Rivers State must definitely be resolved in the interest of the much down trodden, marginalized, cheated and under rated region, the golden hen that lays the golden egg which sustains the state and country economy at large.

By the above description of the golden hen, I am talking about the South East Senatorial District comprising the Andoni, Khana, Gokana, Eleme, Tai, Opobo/Nkoro and Oyigbo Local Government Areas.

In Rivers State, there are 3 senatorial districts as applicable to all the states in Nigeria which produces 3 senators per state of the federation.

Rivers government house, popularly known called and addressed as the ‘Bricks House’ has witnessed the presence of governors from two out of the three senatorial districts except one. Guess which is left out.

The principle and policy of zoning introduced by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, either written or verbal and though has its disadvantages or not, I think is the best and should be encouraged to place the federating units on the path of peace and hope for the future.

Greediness, cheat, selfishness and covetousness are sin before God Almighty, thus should be discouraged in the interest of National and states development and for posterity sake.

Considering the ethnic group and of course political zones/districts justling and angling for power in 2015, the South-East sensational district has the strongest moral justification for her demands because despite her numerous and enormous contributions to national unity, development and economy and being a largest contributor to the country, the South-East has not tested the brick house.

I zoom straight to my proposition because there is no gainsaying the fact that agitation for 2015 is no longer in the secret and if anything is to be done, the ambition for such all important year and season commences now.

It is my revered ambition and interest not only as a politician but also as a member of the fourth realm estate, watchdog of the society and by the special grace of God a bonafide indigene of Rivers State from that district.

I am not sure and convinced that there is any citizen of Rivers State or from the Ikwerre’s extraction who is warming up to repeat the brick house in 2015 as speculated in most corners that the Minister Of State For Education, Chief Barr. Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike will be vying for the brick house.

However, anyone is qualified to vie for whatever position he/she desires in accordance with the Nation’s constitution but against the arrangement by the party for administrative purposes.

In the new Rivers State, Dr. Peter Otunanya Odili had served the state for 8 consecutive years from 1999 to 2008 without interference. Dr. Peter Odili hails from Ndoni in the Rivers west senatorial district.

Currently, the Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi who is occupying the brick house is from Ubinma in Ikwerre local government area of the state and Rivers East senatorial district.

My agitation is that as a district that harbours the resources which sustains the economy of the nation, as well gives the state its pride of place, the marginalization should not continue further in our generation otherwise posterity will question the essence of our existence.

The south-East senatorial district has massively supported and voted for candidates from the other districts, Odili and Amaechi. Hence, 2015 is the time to reciprocate.

It is my sincere opinion and call on every districts to support a candidate of south East senatorial district extraction to be governor in 2015.

It is a matter of fairplay, good governance and justice. If you ask me, this is the only way to a successful, peaceful and eventful 2015 in Rivers State.

It is also my opinion that all political parties in Rivers State should as a matter of jstice, fairplay and good governance consider their governorship candidates from the much marginalized district.

As mentioned earlier, let me reiterate that the district consists of seven local government areas; Andoni, Eleme, Gokana, Khana,Oyigbo, Opobo/Nkoro and Tai respectively. And if we like, let 7 governorship aspirants come forth from the 7 local government areas, we shall definitely choose one out of all.

From the body language of some of my readership and eminent electorates from the district, I can read that, without south East senatorial district, there may be no governorship election in Rivers State come 2015.

Let me sound it once again, either you like or not, though it is part of politicians way of life, but let it be known that the Minister of State for Education, Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike as the rumour goes had said in several fora that, he is not contesting the 2015 governorship election in Rivers State .

But neither Wike nor my humble self, the question is, are you from Andoni, Eleme, Gokana, Khana, Oyigbo, Opobo/Nloro or Tai? Then, you may definitely be the winner of such party’s primaries and general elections, otherwise, consider yourself not a failure but a disgrace.

I am saying about what would lead us as a people to successful and visible development either human capacity or infrastructural. The only road map to a more better and expected development is the choice of a governor from these 7 local government areas, irrespective of the name that my constituents (the politicians) would prefer, but let there be justice in all.

Again, it is incumbent at this point in time to encourage the electorates not to be perturb over the happenings in almost all the political parties in Nigeria, but stay focused and be ready to vote your conscience come 2014/2015 in Rivers State.

It is not only in PDP that we have crisis, it is there even in the newly registered, APC. In Anambra State, the All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP, and the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, have pulled out of the All Progressive Congress, APC, merger ahead of the November 16 governorship lection in that state.

While the CPC joined the Peoples Democratic Movement, the ANPP said they will unfold their next plan of action before the end of September.

Believe it or not, the opposition parties are not safe heavens for decampees, they are equally having their share of the problems concerning 2015 general polls, otherwise, how could PDP crisis concern the APC.

Well, it is hard and maybe hard to believe that the PDP will surely come to terms and also sweep the polls in 2015.  let every electorate and party stalwart remain resolute and focused because any moment from now, I guess the referee, INEC will blow the whistle for preparation against 2015.

Remember, the 2014 world cup tournament has kick stated with its qualifying matches now ongoing, in similar way, the INEC shall soon put us on preparation stages.

I am sure that with your support, my own and all political parties, we shall arrive the peace arena with any of the 7 LGAs producing the nest governor of Rivers State. ###


With James Mgboineme


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