leading, Paving The Way Forward


Earthly values are maintained when it is recognized by the dwellers or creatures alike in the understanding of the people themselves, since values are not only created but also made.
Pleading therefore denotes the act of asking somebody for something in a very strong and serious way.
Once value is attached to certain thing, the rush or need for such commodity, service seems very high. This is not because the service or commodity itself might be of high quality but the premium and value attach to it is a booster.
The way forward of every society, organization polity and ofcourse individual’s setting is most paramount in the heart of the people.
In essence, an individual who does not consider growth or development in his/her life could be termed as unproductive, unserious and deadly. You know why, it is because growth is the expectation and desire of every living being as it is a measuring tool for wealthy living.
Therefore in other to forge ahead with wealthy living in the society which attracts values to someone which in other words it is refer to as ‘personality’ certain efforts have to be put in place to enhance such values and position.
This is exactly what is ongoing in our national polity when politicians are aligning and realigning for political positions and relevance.
The alignment and realignment processes however have caused great danger in the polity where no political party is free or exonerated from wrong doings, either against an individual or group of individuals in a political party or otherwise.
When revolution and trouble is steered in a political party, eventually some pockets of interests is identified as the remote course. Then you would notice that, the leadership of that party will be accused of one thing or the other so as to fault the system.
In Nigeria there are well over 50 Political Parties yet there is no one that is crisis free and many describe it as either the beauty of Democracy or failure of Leadership.
One of such questions that come to mind is, since the leaderships of the all the Political Parties are faulty, does it implies that there are no worthy and dynamic leaders in the country?
Does it signify that the governed would have done better than those governing now? In this matter, as it varies on the organizational setting, the answers to these crisis?
Politics as an act of governance is a rigorous process and entails determination, zealousness and integrity to surmount, therefore those at the helm of affairs both at the party level and governance of state affairs are to always subject themselves to the guidance, supervision and dictates of God Almighty to further enhance their stay.
It is not true that the leadership of these political parties in Nigeria are all incompetent but I see the followers and particularly those with pockets of wavering interest trying to jeopardize efforts of these people as to underrate their capabilities, aim at getting to what they think.
Truth, like what the immediate past National Treasure of the self acclaimed new PDP said, is constant and advice all to go for what is tenable, true and devoid of sentiments. He said this when he tendered his resignation from the position in the said new PDP last weekend in Abuja.
To confirm to you that crisis is everywhere, because the Treasurer who later regain his consciousness, I supposed, to live by the truth was later branded by Alhaji Baraje’s faction as a sacked man, accusing him of compromising with the mainstream PDP. Have you seen the level of crisis in every setting?
It does not end there, the group that was told to remain silence before last Sunday meeting of 15th September, 2013 went on with the rumour that Mr. President, Dr. Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan was begging or pleading with the rebel governors and the factional PDP.
What my concern is in this episode is that, whether pleading or begging, it is aim at moving the country forward from this nightmare that Alhaji Atiku, Baraje, Aliyu and Amaechi has set and plunge the Nation into.
The value attached to the living standard of the people, the wellbeing of the nation as a country and its development could not be unconnected with the begging by Mr. President, if at all.
Hence, I maintain that such pleading is paving and praying the way forward for the cooperate existence of Nigeria.
The incessant problems orchestrated by the so called aggrieved members of the Baraje led illegal PDP, and that of other political parties are aimed at destroying its leaders other than moving the country forward, because leadership cannot be totally corrupt without the assistance of the led. (the people).
But let me correct an impression here that Mr. President was not begging the governors, it was not so, please my people. There is virtually nothing wrong with someone irrespectively of class begging others but it is needful and ethical that truth be said at all times.
The president and commander of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, has been meeting with the chieftains and aggrieved PDP members in resolving the party’s crisis.
The proceedings of the previous meeting were not let out of the bag before the Sunday 15/9/13.
The president repeatedly stressed that there is need for the party to be united as a family and on his tenure issue he remained resolute that the had never in any fora stated that he would not seek for re-election, rather that he would not elongate his tenure by any guise.
The communiqué at the end of the Sunday 15th September meeting clearly revealed that the parties are on the fast lane and track to a united party, though the Baraje faction seem to be disagreeing with some issues and resolve to meet with the House of Representatives of course you are witnesses to the outcome of their visit to the House.
My question here is, how does the PDP affairs metamorphose into House mater irrespective of the fact that some members of the House are toeing the line of the Baraje led faction. Can the House of Representatives resolve the PDP crisis or perfect their plans against the PDP and Mr. President? Time will tell.
The President spoke in that meeting with a heart for the building of the nation than of a personal interest, hence those with personal interest must desist and seek for ways to take the country forward.
Yes, Mr. President did not disclosed if he will or not run for 2015 general election, yet by his body language it is obvious that he cannot sacrifice his right to seek for re-election on the alter of Baraje’s factional interest.
This is commendable of him and restating his position of not elongating his tenure but not that he would not seek for re-election. Atleast he has opened up now.
It is obvious that, there is difference between tenure elongation and seeking re-election.
You could recall the era of Gen. Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida and Gen. Sani Abacha who severally cancelled their administrations desire to handover power to civilians, that was tenure elongation by any guise.
But seeking re-election is seeking for the mandate of the people to run another election for another tenure and it is different from postponing election for another year. For instance postponing the April/May election of 2015 to 2016. That may amount to tenure elongation.
Here, Mr. President is saying, “I am not elongating my tenure by any guise and I did not say or enter any agreement with anybody that I would not seek re-election:
Therefore, if the president begs for calm in the polity and unity of the ruling PDP, no body should misinterpret the call for calmness and unity in as much as there is nothing wrong in pleading especially in moving he country forward. ####
With James Mgboineme

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