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World Cup 2014: Keshi Knows Players that could Give Him Result – Karibi George

The Public Relation Officer of the Nigeria Football Supporters Club, Rivers State Chapter, Barr. Karibi George has said that Keshi knows the players that could give him result, as such he knows the players that will don the Green white green colour for the country come June, 2014 in Brazil.

Speaking to The Newswriter sports via phone on Wednesday, the outspoken public relation practitioner said a complete year has elapsed since Nigeria won the AFCON competition and there is the tendency of some of the players that prosecuted that competition sustaining injury  fitness level may not allow Keshi to have some of those players that helped him win the Nations cup, adding that that he may call for some of the performing players in their European club side to be added to beef up the World Cup Eagles squad for the world cup.

For players who won the Nations Cup with Keshi at South Africa to have automatic shirt, he said, Keshi is in charge of the team and he has his match formation and plans at such knows exactly the players that could fit into his tactical match formation and plans.

Adding that after all during the Nations Cup, Keshi was not having enough time to put up the squad that final won the Nations Cup, that makes many Nigerians not given Keshi and his boys any chance of lifting Nations Cup but as they keep playing, they final blend along and finally lifted the African Nations Cup.

As for Keshi to make it in the world cup, he said Keshi knows his formation and match plan at such that could get him what he wants, at the end of the day, if he fails or succeed, he takes the glory or failure. Despite that give Keshi the opportunity to chose whosoever player he deems fit to blend with the his present squad to blend with old players to give him result at the world cup, come June 2014 in Brazil.

He maintained that the choice is Keshi’s, he did it at the African cup of Nation in South Africa, he said. ###

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