The Reason Of Having Feeder teams

There is every reason to have a feeder team in each of the clubsides that is campaigning in the Nigeria GLO sponsored professional league.

Feeder teams are supplementary teams to complement the main team. For instance, a player in a feeder team is one who is undergoing a special training to fit into the main team. In other words, such a player could break into the main team if he proves himself to the regours of the league and the standard expected of him at that level.

Players from feeder teams are replacement to inactive players, or players waiting to mature or ripe into the main team. One, it saves the team management cost as such, players will not be treated like the player that will be signed from outside.

Such arrangement help productivity in the system, because it promotes continuity and consistency.

Such players are more organized and disciplined. Some players lack of indiscipline in the system has affect the behavoural pattern of some of our gifted players both in abroad and here for the national team Keshi is having a problem with some of our most gifted players for behavioural attitude, this could have been curbed if our league is running a sincere well-coordinated feeder team system in each and every clubside in the Nigeria football league.

A player maturing from Feeder team to break into the main team is a well-coordinated player in behaviour and play.  The place of feeder teams cannot be over emphasized as a man under a number of training, expecting to gain promotion is always wanting to be of the most disciplined behavior so as not to lose out of the number of years he had suffered under rain or sunshine.

Nigeria is blessed with abundant soccer talents that needed to be enhanced by the government at all levels, this is where the feeder teams come handy for help in this direction with a good since structure, the player that matured or passed through feeder team will always be a national team hero. ###

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