IKANYA -APCAPC Government and Andoni LGA: The Way Forward

Geddes & Grosset (2007), defines government as “the exercise of authority over a state, organization, etc; a system of ruling political administration, etc, those who direct the affairs of a state, etc.

APC as a Political Party was come by through the merger of some political parties such as the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and part of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).

The essence of every political party is to provide services and governance to the citizenry of the country through active and proper participation in political activities in the polity.

Opposition political parties in Nigeria in their efforts for the past 14 years were unable to wrestle powers from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), hence the anger of some desperate political office seekers to form an alliance aimed at trying their fate if anything could come out this time.

Before this alliance, there were at the National level the fusion of certain personality like Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, former vice president to Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo with the ACN to fight the PDP but to no avail. This is to state that Atiku had joined forces with the ACN to take over from the PDP.

Alliance and cross carpeting is not a new exercise or practice in politics especially as it affects Nigeria polity.

In Rivers State, APC has no form, structure or base from its inception not to mention the era of Governor Amaechi entrant. The governor only defected with some of his supposed loyalists who could not either provides leadership or structure for the APC.

What this piece is analyzing is the strength of the APC in Andoni Local Government Area. Andoni is without doubt one of the most difficult, strongest and viable political areas in Nigeria and in Rivers State in particular.

Politics in Andoni could not be what it is in other parts of the state. The people are known for always working together, deciding in common terms and pursuing what they believe would improve their standard of living and as well resolve interest at the opinion of its majority.

From 1999 till date, the people are largely of one major bloc under the big umbrella  the PDP but with few disgruntle elements in other blocs. It is important to state, the records that those in other bloc are the ingrates who benefited from the PDP, but were not satisfied, not minding that there are some who have not benefitted since 1999.

The present leadership of the APC in the state could not be exonerated from such act stated above.

It is however, on record that the current administration of the Andoni Local Government council is a product of the Peoples Democratic Party in the area.

The Party in recognizing the executive governor’s plea for a candidate, the governor believed would serve the people relaxed and gave in for the candidature of Orom Nte Eroforukuma other than Comrade Peter Igbifah. The later candidate was the heart beat of Andoni people but upon pleading by the governor, he was let down and Orom picked.

Today, the PDP effort in enthroning governance in Andoni Local government area could be described as a wasteful venture, wasteful decision and eternal regret.

The plot of PDP collapsing into a fold without structure, APC is now jeopardized, frustrated and those on the test run exercise were dumped and humiliated.

To say THANK YOU to PDP by the number one citizen of the LGA is as difficult as a cow head going through the eye of a needle rather to pay it with defection and subsequent denials of supporters of PDP their expected privilege. For example, the Sure-P programme of the state which no doubt is the proceeds of the natural resources was denied the PDP stalwart in the area.

However, it is important to congratulate Rivers State House of Assembly Chief Whip, Hon. Ikunyi Ibani who stood his ground to resist the temptation of denying his political platform.

Since the defection of Sir. Orom Nte Ereforokuma, the number one citizen of the LGA or better still the chairman of the LGA, there had been no single project embarked upon in the area.

Yes, neither completed nor ongoing, the electrification project in the area was the project of the PDP and ofcourse the only one in this administration.

All thanks to God, that the National Revenue Mobilization, Allocation & Fiscal Commission is abreast of all the allocations accruing into Andoni LGA, therefore no course for alarm.

The APC government in Andoni LGA could be said to be a calculated attempt by its proponents to silence PDP, disregard the people and disrespect the norms and objectives of political formation, but since it could not propose any meaningful projects and programmes to the people, its essence is however defeated. This is so because it has no root and structures.

The gorilla war between the council boss and legislative assembly, where certain actions were carried out in a certain hotel in Port Harcourt was a projection that the local government area is no longer safe for any eventful and meaningful progress, especially now that the tenure is winding up.

The way forward is for indigenes of the area to rise up to the challenges of taking what belongs to them, acknowledging that the incumbent council boss had been a caretaker chairman for about 9 months without or little achievements.

It is time for the citizenry to prepare to vote out any selfish, irresponsible and uncaring leadership from the area, because APC has no root in the LGA.

The time to act is now, let there be no bottle with brand new label, while the content remain same. ###


With James Mgboineme


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