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Brazil 2014: FIDWAX Urges Keshi To Involve Uche, Osage

FIDWAXA football enthusiast and a football promoter, administrator, Chief Fidelis Nweke has urged Stephen Keshi to involve the best strikers Nigeria could boast of in the world to the Brazil 2014 world cup.

The soft spoken, football administrator and former team manager of Goldashe International football club of Port Harcourt, also disclosed that he believe in Keshi ability because he knows the players and had been with them. But pinpointed that Keshi should be very careful in working with the players, saying that the world cup is a serious stage where every country want to present the best players to excel. Keshi should involve Osaze Odewingie and Ike Uche in his world cup plan because of Nigeria.

“As a coach, Keshi should work out ways to involve the best Nigeria strikers all over the world, to give result to Nigeria. Whatever had happened between Keshi and these players should be put aside and put the interest of Nigeria first. All over the world the best players sometimes are usually stubborn but it takes a good coach manage to manage such players to achieve result for the team.

He also said, Keshi should be very careful because when he is winning everybody will be happy with him but if he fails every other person including all those who were applauding him will turn against him.

Stressing that the world cup is not a stage to joke hence Keshi should go after the best strikers Nigeria could parade against the likes of Brazil, Argentina, despite their mistake or misunderstanding with him in the past. Osaze and Uche are relevant to Nigeria World Cup dream. If not Nigeria will fall out of the world cup.

He maintained that the world cup bound Eagles squad needs to be beefed up, that is where Osaze and Ike Uche comes in. Nigeria should not go to the World Cup with a weak attack against the likes of Brazil and Argentine if not, Nigeria will be a flop without scoring goals.

Where a team not better than Nigeria could even eliminate Nigeria from the world cup. If Nigeria parade a weak attack that could not score goal from the goal scoring opportunities she will creates. ###

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