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Easter Is A Time To Reconcile With God– Pastor

Pastor Joseph Mokoro said Easter period is a time for the people to reconcile with the creator and seek the face of God.
Pastor Mokoro who is the senior pastor of the Faith Power Church International, Port Harcourt maintained that Easter is very significant because without the resurrection the purpose of Jesus on earth would have been meaningless.
He tasked mankind to pray for the country so that evil might end which was the reason why Jesus offered himself to die on the cross and after the death, resurrection which brought us back to God.
The man of God said the bombing at Abuja was barbaric and demonic.
Although, he blamed the bombing on the possible security lapses in the country saying that the leadership should be held responsible.
On his recent posters all over Port Harcourt, the man of God said it is a privilege for him to become the mouth piece for the churches. He stated that his mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ as far as he has the opportunity.
He charged Christians to obey the word of God which will bring total change and liberty to them.
On indecent dressing in the churches, the senior pastor stated that the drive for membership should not allow church leaders to allow indecent dresses in the churches.
The church should boldly condemned nudity, semi-nudity which might lead to rape which are not a church doctrine.
He urged women to change their dressing code and dress according to the word of God. Pastor Mokoro maintained that looking good is different from looking sexy. Nudity and sex are different thing all together” he said.
The Senior Pastor Faith Power Church International church tasked the society to rise above earthly things especially the manner the youths are dressing in churches and on the streets and condemned it saying that is not the purpose of God for them.
Pastor Mokoro has earlier told the Boko Haram to borrow a leave from the militants who sought dialogue with the government and today are benefiting. ###

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