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The Problem Of Man UTD is David Moyes Afterall

Though it is too early to judge the structure and success of interim coach Giggs of Manchester United, his first outing with Manchester United with Norwich indicates that he has future plans for the team.

Kudos to him, the players played for him, unlike what they did to sacked coach David Moyes, which record saw Manchester United almost going down the drains.

The same players, the same club and the same league has proven that the problem of Manchester United was after all not the players.

As the world watches the performance of Giggs, the players and interim coach Giggs would keep faith alive to resurrect the dead mind of Manchester United fans.

Many supporters of Manchester United left the club owing to it poor runs with Moyes, hope believably is on the rise as the interim coach Giggs is on his rescue mission to resurrect the club to winning ways.

The once bright and darling club of soccer fans all over the world has caused heart ache to lots of her fans when David Moyes took the club to the bottom of the table log, in the English premiership league.

It would be recalled that Manchester United was a club that has brought hope and happiness to lot of soccer addict. It is also on record that Manchester United is among the four super clubs in the English premiership league.

With Giggs at the helm of affairs, believably, the records of the club will be turned to winning ways, that is what fans and believers of good football are anticipating with the new man coach, Giggs. ###








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