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Manchester City EPL Victory, Courtesy Of Good Planning – Total Sports

The victory of Manchester City in the English Premiership League has been attribute to good planning by stakeholders of football.

Sampling opinions of followers of English Premiership football, The Newswriter sports gathered that, the orderliness of the league was the reason Nigerian soccer enthusiasts got attracted to the English Premiership League against the Nigeria Professional.

While the Nigeria professional football league continue to suffers poor attendance at the stadia, the English premiership league continues to attract fans even at distance all over the world.

Soccer pundits while expressing their opinions on the possible attraction of soccer fans by the English premiership league to itself revealed that the welfare packages of the players are well taken care of, salaries are paid on time, discipline is maintained to the barest minimum not minding colour or race.

“Total sports, sports outfit managed by its director Mr. Leone Ukandu, while speaking with The Newswriter sports via phone in his China base home said, Manchester city victory do not come to him by surprise, according to him the club spend its money rightly on credible players that they believe could win the trophy for them. Saying, the club maintained discipline, and guarded the players with sincerity of purpose. He finally said the victory was well deserved. ###

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