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By Chief Young Obene Clarke Georgewill,

Dated: 6th April, 2014.


In this article, 3 classes of people are to mentioned presently serving and in the past who held sensitive offices.

The second sets of persons are Gubernatorial ambition politicians whose names are published in several local media by journalists for their approval or they paid for it;

And the 3rd sets of persons are people I considered better suit to Governor in this state or to become Deputy if a Governor emerges in a particular clan or Kingdom.

In all, I owe no apology to any name mentioned at first and second schedules for their performances on record, which they cannot deny or jump over the fence whatsoever and I stand to bear responsibilities without re-editing this article by a journalist I intend to give for publication.

But the last set of persons whose names that never appear in the race to the Brick House, and if there is an area that offends them, I herewith apologize to them immediately as I publish their names without their permissions “Chief V.O. C. Georgwill.”


Governor Amaechi

Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is arrogant, insensitive, callous and wicked like his mentor who brought him to limelight Dr. Peter Odili days of administration of Rivers State, 1999-2007.

After the elections of 2003, Dr. Peter Odili conspired with one so called Prince Akarolo and one Daniel Theme because Chief Y.O.C. Georgewill is always on the side of the Traders and Rumuwoji Community Welfare that did not compromise matters with the State Government and the Council so they burnt the Rumuwoji, Mile One Market, Port Harcourt on that faithful night of 6/1/2004 ‘8p.m great inferno when most Traders were at home celebrating both Xmas and New Year festivities unaware to their sorrows.

On the visit of the Governor to the fire site, nemesis caught Dr. Peter Odili as we were not bereaved stated that God giveth and God taketh. I personally,. don’t like Peter Odili so I distant myself when he came but a woman who is not much educated told us later, that this was what Dr. Peter Odili said and we all laughed to show his involvement in that fire incident. He later set up a Judiciary Commission of Inquiry headed by Hon. Justice (Mrs.) Iragnuma, and in that proceedings, I accused outright on the open floor of 22 lawyers that both’ the State Government and the so called Prince Akarolo led Phalga Council and Daniel Theme at my conclusion stated that if Governor Peter Odili Administration was not involved in the fire disaster, and after the submission by the learned Hon. Justice and her Team, there must be a white paper but if they are involved, the white paper of the commission shall not be made know to the public. As I am writing this article today, that white paper was still under the carpet in Government House, for not just accusing the Government.

I have seen 2 High Court female Judges (Hon. Justices Iragunurna and A. I. Iyayilamikanra) who suppose to be honoured. in Rivers State Judiciary and be elevated to the Court of Appeal by now like Hon. Justice B. A. Georgewill who is above Board in handling of cases in his court as he recently been, elevated to the Court of Appeal so let other judges emulate them the better for our society: for vanity upon vanity all is vanity thus says the Bible.

Dr Peter Odili by his education and exposure should simply to say to the Traders who listened “we are indeed sorry for this unfortunate fire incident and please, take heart” but the revise was his statement of sympathy as it were we lost our loved ones. This is nature first condemnation of Dr. Peter Odili. People in Authority is to take note and be careful to handle human affairs who voted for them to lead them with love and fear of God.

Like father like son, Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi borrowed a leaf from his mentor, Dr. Peter Odili ‘and it is the same Akarolo family where Chimbiko. Akarolo also come from perhaps conspired with Hon. Emmanuel Chinda and the so called Chairman on 17/12/2013 of an eye witness report at 1:00am burnt the same Rumuwoji Mile 1 market again. While there are markets at Elekoha under Phalga council which has never been burnt by fire same ages And when Chimbiko Akarolo was considered by Governor Amaechi m 201 1 general elections, my wife asked me, will this man not going to be second Akarolo who burnt our market in 2004? I replied her that the powers that be brought him, others like the Okrikans who owns Port Harcourt with them or Rumuwoji citizens itself ought to be considered or allowed free hands or the electorates to choose their leaders but this is the dirty politics we are playing in Nigeria and in the African continent as a sort of nepotism.

On 41/12/2012 at the commissioning of “phase one” Rumuwoji market, Port Harcourt, Governor Amaechi gave me the key of that market to manage but this did not go down well with Hour Emmanuel Chinth and Chimbiko Akarolo and they later conspired jointly in a military style of takeover and removed me on 2015/2013 without due process of the law as the courts removed past late Chief C. 1. Azubuike and Mr. Daniel Iheme respectively.

We demonstrated to Government House as civilized people and submitted our protest experiences to the Governor. But simply because Hon. Emmanuel Chinda is ever busy at all times by giving the Governor bundles of unreal lies against us hence Governor Amaechi did not listen to us. This is the stock-in-trade of Hon. Emmanuel Chinda position in Government House. But one day, God will open he Hon. Emmanuel Chinda’s mouth like Hon. Nyesome Wike to reveal all he Amaechi’s secrets which he Amaechi never realizes.

The Commissioners working with Governor Amaechi on or by December, 2014, most of them will desert him. They are only waiting to get their monthly stipends and other benefits in waiting and shall join the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP). Let him record this phrase somewhere.

For instance, Governor Amaechi invited me and my Exco to the Executive Chamber Government House on 18/6/2012. His aides hide the invitation after the Governor informed them 3 days earlier and only let us know it on that faithful Monday. We immediately organized ourselves and reached there on time as we received the information by l0am and we seated before 1pm. The Governor came and addressed us by saying that we should be prepared to vacate the burnt area of the Rumuwoji Mile One Market, Port Harcourt. He also informed us that advert will be made soon for a company to takeover the management of the Phase One which I had the authority from him and administered it till that 2012/12013militancy taken over style.

Soon after his speech, the microphone was handed over to me to respond the Governor’s address. I sincerely thanked him on behalf of my Exco and told him that under a short notice of less than 3 hours, we gathered ourselves and attended his call to show him our love and our loyalty with him and us. And on hearing this less than 3 hours, the Governor was furious and asked his protocol officers whether my statement was true. They were dumb founded by not say anything. I immediately pleaded on their behalf for their forgiveness. They Governor obliged my pleads. These are some of the timid officers that are working with Amaechi in Government House.

And in the continuation of my response to His Excellency, 1 told him emphatically that even; at that moment we are talking with him and as we go back, we are ready to quit and let him show us a place to re-locate. In his reply, he said, either in October 2012 or January 2013 when the Government envisaged to inform us to leave the place.

The October of 2013 came and about to end and on 26/10/2013 my Association called a Press Conference and reminded Governor Amaechi about the incumbent Mayor Chimbiko Akarolo unpopular administration against we law abiding Traders in Rumuwoji Market, Port Harcourt as well as the October date the Governor told us when we visited him as a reminder of our readiness to vacate the place As usual all papers published in the state, a copy is sent to Government House and we on our part sent the original copy of our Press Conference to him through his protocol Officers at the entrance of the Government House. I now ask, at what day or hour did he sent for us or ask us to quit and we refused it that he Governor Amaeehi after 2 days of the fire incident of 17/12/2013 gone to the market and announced to the world that we refused to go out? This, I conclude to say categorically that he is the one in collaboration with Chimbiko Akarolo, Emmanuel Chinda of Obakiri and so called Traders chairman, that Burnt the Market on that faithful day (17/12/2013) without announcing a “breaking news” to all the Radios in the, state for the public to be aware of the incident that had happened.

Governor Amaechi later said that he will set up an ‘Inquiry’ but up till now no Inquiry has been set up. And in recent past, it was announced that government shall come and pay compensation to the fire victim Traders through Hon. Emmanuel Chinda and he Chinda stated that mile one market. has one chairman. He has forgotten that we immediately proceeded to a High Court as law abiding citizens and Traders seeking to get judgment for what they had collaborated before the fire incident. And to crown about Amaechi’s administration, he is the Chief Judge, the Commissioner of Police, the Court Prosecutor and at last shall deliver judgment in his so called payment to the fire victim Traders.

I am the least Trader as I got the source for my Trading, a loan from Rivers. State Micro Finance and other Local Sources which I used and bought goods for December 2013 sales worth over N15m. Is Governor Amaechi going to pay this sum total to me? Talk more of those wealthy Traders who stockpiled over N50m —N l00m, respectively into their market stalls for the same December sales?

To conclude in this particular area, I say, Governor Amaechi is insensitive, callous and wicked. so let all Rivers People join me for us to take Governor Amaechi to Psychiatric Hospital, Rumuola, Port Harcourt as he believed and directed others to be there when he assumed office about 6½ years ago; and let him not forget that those who collaborated in 2004 fire incident with Daniel Theme have all died or useless now. In the same vein, all those who collaborated on the 17/121/2013 fire incident in Rumuwoji Market would follow suit no matter their position. They will not have peace wherever they mar be the God Almighty will ‘give judgment in an appropriate time. This is the Truth.


2. Hon. Nyesom Wike’s ambition to be the next Governor of Rivers State in 2015.

I laugh. I think, he is a political jester to Mr. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who now sees to offload him in his Federal Executive Council being a Traitor who exposed his former Boss (Governor Amaechi) would do same to the Mr. President. This might be the reason why Mr. President have given him the automatic PDP ticket for the race to the Brick House in Rivers state come 2015.

At what Algebra, Geometry and Applied Mathematics formulas did he Hon. Nyesom Wike arrived that after Sir Celestine Omehia and Governor Amaechi, it is again his turn as all of them- being lkwerres? Is he not a political stooge to mock himself? Is he sensible? Let him not withdraw his ambition and continue to pursue it- then this is the end of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in this State and at last he will fail woefully during the Governorship Election no matter what the PDP will rig for him at Abuja and not here m Rivers State. Here in Rivers State, the Ikwerre Ethnic Nationality gets only 3½ LGAs to fight 19½ LGAs that belong to the 15 other Ethnic Nationalities Mr. Nyesom Wike is a compound fool of the century we have come in, and of course, he is not a politician. Some writers only place him in the race. He is an opportunist that gives himself the ego and he has fallen flat if he tries it.

Rivers citizens of different political parties, let all of us open our eyes and watch Nyesom Wike and his cohorts and tell him that Rivers State does not belong to Ikwerre people alone. It is an integral part and whether Nyesorn Wike likes it or not it must go to other ethnic region in 2015, this time of our history. Nyesom Wike is a blunder of himself President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is using diplomatic organogram in order to flush him out in his cabinet as a real and big Traitor as if the President loves him in disguise.


3. The Great Journey To Brick House of Rivers State In 2015

I am a descendant of Da-Akpanah and Da-Otaji Group of Houses in Abonnema in Akuku-Toru LGA of my paternal birth that stand on the Truth no matter how it is costly. And of my maternal side, I am a Prince in the Royal House of King Berema Pere of Angulama as well as a Prince in-Omekwe — Tariama undisputed all n Asari Toru LGA too.

My position on this planet earth is to stand and defend the Truth which is bitter to many people and I become their enemy but God on my side I vanquish all those who stand against me not by my power but by the power of the Almighty creator.

My Kalabari People are over jealous and ambition to go to Brick House come 2015 I am sorry to repeat again as we sold our right in 1999 for a pound of flesh by 3 persons which I may not mention their names again because I have done so severally in my previous writings. One of them is late in 2003 at Abuja and 2 of them are still alive. And of these 2 persons that are alive, one of them was called to be the Vice President to late President Musa Yar’ Adua whose position President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan occupied and become the President of this country but this fellow says, how can he go and serve somebody he seniors in his so called and own ratings. He is a Kalabari/Okrika son. He cannot deny this story of his self ego of, I am this and I am that does not take someone to Heaven.

Humble yourself before men and let them promote you and Christ will stretch his hands and lift your up. This is True challenges of life. I therefore re—iterate in defence of my stand in my last publication and use all capital letters in this regard to mean what I said earlier without fear or




a. The Ogoni People are loyal to all political activities in this state when Bayelsa had never been created.

b. The 1999 race to Brick House, The Ogoni People voted for our son Hon. Ebenezer Isokariari while we Kalabaris voted against him why not Abonnema or Bakana respectively even the Asari-Toru where he Hon. Ebenezer comes, voted against him so what are we saying now?

c. When I was small and during holidays to our fishing villages and even now the Ogonis are in Kalabari territorial waters doing their fishing expedition with sincere cooperation with the Kalabaris without rancour.

d. And in early 1 990s during the upheavals between the Ogonis and the Okrikans, the Ogonis selected out all Kalabaris in their areas unhurt as quickly as the Kalabaris say I am from Kalabari whether the person can speak the language well or not and even saved many Okrikans too, and above all, there are many attributes between the Ogonis and the KalabariV6 too numerous to state on the pages of – newspaper.



4. Political Parties duties to selecting Guber-Candidates in 2015 General Elections in Rivers State

All political parties are therefore advised to get their Governorship candidates, in the 4 LGAs of Ogoni. Any Party even KKK Party that fails V to pick its candidate should- forget wining the race. The Ruling Peoples Democratic Parties (PDP) wants to sponsor Hon. Nyesom Wike, if they do that, I am sorry they have lost out no matter they are on ground. This state does not belong to Ikwerres 3½ LGAs alone. It belongs to the 16 ethnic groups of the State while the Ikwerres being an integral part in nature as stated above.


5. Ogoni Sons that will not be allowed to contest by the Ogonis

No. 1, Senator Magnus Abe and all serving Ogoni Sons and daughters as Commissioners and SSG except they resign now after the publication of this artic1e’ because they are one and the same like Governor Amaechi arrogant qualities in them etc.

I eager to see the SSG and presented a booking letter to an officer at the secretariat. This person simply because he is his PA also from Ogoni, I went there severally and got tired and I dropped my plan but it was for the good of the SSG. May be this is how the SSG advised him or I did not drop something for he the PA. Why should I? I did not book the audience letter to get contract but for the good of the SSG and the state for the way V forward but I was denied my civil rights to do so.

That of Senator Magnus Abe he is more or less Amaechi the governor. In 2009, there was a reception Angulama Community, receive to their son, Hon. Osima Ginah on the 5th December, 2009. I was the Regent of that Community then. We did everything to receive our August visitors knowing fully well that Angulama the most ancient Town in Kalabari Land is a landlocked Community. Many however managed to come because of how the Hon. Commissioner assisted them in spite of difficult terrain suffered and yet landed the arena and graced the occasion. SSG Magnus Abe then represented Governor Amaechi and flew in by an helicopter either hired by the state government or by the’ Host, (Hon. Osima Ginah) I don’t know.

We presented a welcome address Von the sufferings of the people to either connect a Bridge of not more than 500meters through Krakrama to Degerna consulate or at least a Jetty to Angulama that will not cost more than N500m during ebbing and flowing waters for the citizens to go out and come in. He heard all this and promised to do so to tell Governor Amaechi when he goes back to Government House, Port Harcourt. Later the community letters of reminder followed when he was still the SSG and all were kept under the carpet in his SSG office until he left to the senate. His security man is from Angulama. I tried to reach him through this man, all in vain. And all the good commissioners that worked with Governor Amaechi were sacked perhaps the handiworks of He Senator Abe and Hon. Emmanuel Chinda respectively after 2011 general elections. Therefore, the Ogonis should never consider him to become the Governor of Rivers State as he will not perform sine it is now their turn. There are lots and lots of prominent Ogoni sons and daughters whose head fits this cap that can perform most creditably than those who worked with Governor Amaechi. The ball is now in your court to decide who to give I plead with humility and a politician with long repute too.


6. Those illustrious sons of Kalabari Land to be considered the Deputy Governor slot by Ogoni Guber Candidate and the political party itself.

f. Hon. Osima Ginah is a tested politician. This is not by exaggeration to consider him. Unless you don’t go to his office when he was the Urban Development Commissioner that makes things happen and easier to Governor Amaechi administration of his 3½ years stay in office: His action speaks volumes for himself than what I can state, here;

g. Chief (Prof.) O.A Georgewill dean of the faculty of medicine at the University of Port Harcourt, who, I have worked with in a committee reception to Governor Peter Odili during the visit to the 3 Kalabari LGAs in year 2000. Those who don’t know him may, not know his worth. He is a man of honour and always ready to help the poor and, the masses if opportunity shall be given to him, his Biological antecedent from. Da Akpanah, to Da Otaji Group of Houses in Abonnema, Akulga, always stand On Truth and. uprightness hence

Twin Brother Chief (Hon) Justice B. A Georgewill has recently elevated one of the Judges in APPEAL COURT. That is the blood of all Apanah and Otaji Group of Houses descendants in Abonnema, Akulga. He fits the office of Deputy Governor.

h: The 3rd person who first paid 5% to Chiefs from the Local Government. Purse in Asari Toru council when he was the Chairman of that Council is no other person than Chief (Dr) Diamond E.Thbin West now H.R.H. (Dr.) Damine the VI of Okpo, the Amanyanabo of Okpo who suppose to be fitted but since he is now a Paramount Ruler, this area has eluded him. Under 5 years he became the Amanyanabo of Okpo, go and see how that community is developing.

I categorically say, it is the fastest developing community in the whole of the 3 Kalabari LGAs that make up the Kingdom: He would have been one of the best to get this slot. These set of class are whom I may apologize for if I have without their permission published their names for what they don’t aim for.

i. That of Hon. Ebenezer Isokariari and Hon. Paul Awoyesuku should ‘wait for the Kalabari turn who has made things to happen when they were the Heads of their Local Government Councils. And if one of them is considered in the future to Governor Rivers State if we will still remain a single state since civilian representatives do not know what they go out for, for the masses who voted them to be at the National Assembly rather than their selfish interests, one of them will be a Governor Rivers State have never gotten.


7. These politicians mentioned below, Rivers citizens should turn their back to them because of their self pocket sought performance while in Government past and present.

In this area I buttress my writings without ambiguity I therefore refer the News writer’s, publication of January 16-22-2014 captioned 20 Politicians Eye Brick House at pages 6 and 7 respectively.

The other is Niger Delta Today Truth is constant of 4th March, 2014 at the front page ‘Ahead 2015 E1ections: Kalabaris set for Brick House: Demand Rivers Guber Slot Roll out likely favourites To start with at The Newswriter Newspaper at pages 6 and 7, Barr. Nyesom Wike, Engr. Tele Ikuru Senator Magnus Abe, Sen. George Thompson Sekibo, Hon. Dakuku Peterside, Hon. Odein Ajumogobia, Prince Tônye Princewill, Hon. Tammy Danagogo, Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs, Hon. David Briggs, Barr. Nimi Walson Jack, Tonye cole, Chief Paweriso Samuel Horsfall, RT. Hon. Otelemaba Dan Amachree, Hon.

Eniye Braide, Dr. Biobele Diboye Suku and Richard Victor.

And that of Niger Delta Today: Hon. Ajumogobia SAN featured again, Chief A. K. Horsfall, Prof. Nimi Briggs and Prince Tonye Princewill also featured again respectively.

I now ask these illustrious sons of Timber and Calibre, who amongst them did not hold one office or the other, and who, amongst them also do not nearer to the Governors date back from Dr. Peter Odili, to Sir. Celestine Omehia to Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi even to this day? What significant impact did they make or lobby to the benefit of the Ka1abari – People and also those that are not from Kalabari to their Community or Senatorial or LGA level that they are now longing to the Brick House and saying that it is now the Kalabaris or their turn? When in actual fact one of them was nominated to be Vice President of Nigeria and with his ego he refused it of his so called ratings? Are all the Kalabari People dead or cannot speak and write as I do who did not attended University Education, or all of us are illiterates that we don’t know our left and right? To my mind, I term all of them no matter their wealth and education, they are political nonentity, jargons, fugitives or zlist fortune seekers out of the peoples sufferings to enrich their fortunes Perhaps they may forget that there are Historians who keeps records and when appropriate they roll out from their hidden library for people to remember the past To my mind again I say, they should all go back with shame never to aim of such high office and if they happen to be there, it is still for their selfish interests and pockets with a small clique of their families and not even to the benefit of the whole citizens of the state.

For now Kalabari needs persons like Hon. Ebenezer Isokariari, Hon. Paul Awoyesuku, Barr. Osima Ginah, H.R.H. (Hon) Dr. Diamond Tobin West who had been in Government and thçir achievements speaks volumes for them, and the last but not the least, Chief (Prof.) Owunari A. Gèorgewill who has never been in Government but a complete gentleman ought to be in this race. Therefore those mentioned above should never be considered but rather continue to enjoy what they have preserved for themselves and family if still remains and leave the entire Kalabaris alone. Their times have been worn out. Their classes are the ones I owe no apology and in disguise they sent their names to be published for them to hide their personality as if they society wants them. No society of Kalabari or Rivers State citizens .want them anymore. They should enter their house or community and rest, I conclude about them.

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