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Bonny Polytechnic And Students’ Safety

polytechnicEducation is the bedrock of development in any given society. Nations that want to advance in science and technology will not play with its educational system.

It is very sad that Nigeria as a nation witnesses frequent strikes in the institutions of higher learning. This is a nation where Government owned universities, polytechnics, secondary and primary schools shut down for months. Government neglects the welfare of teachers. But one thing that is certain and constant, no nation can grow beyond the knowledge of its teachers. Teachers are important in speedy development of a country.

The performance of education in the country is going down day by day as students resort to examination malpractices to obtain the certificates, which they cannot defend. Nigerians place more emphasis on paper qualifications than skills development.

Last week the Federal Government announced the siting of Oil and Gas Polytechnic in Bonny.

This is a welcome development, because Bonny kingdom occupies a very strategic position in oil and gas industry. The siting of the institution will enhance the educational system of the state.

However, Bonny is located at the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, and one needs to spend sometime on the high sea before getting to the Bonny Island. Count less people have lost their lives to boat mishap while traveling to Bonny. Beside this Bonny is known for sea piracy and militancy in the creeks. Several individuals have suffered a lot as a result of this.

We should consider the safety of the students as the Federal Government establishes Oil and Gas Polytechnic in Bonny. A solid bridge should be constructed from Port Harcourt to the Bonny Island.

It is disheartening that people in authority do not regard human lives, more than eight (8) weeks after, the kidnapped Chibok girls are yet to be rescued. Some years back, no fewer than fifteen (15) students from the Kings College of Commerce, Buguma, headquarters of Asari-Toru Local Government Area drowned in a river while ferrying to their school. It was a black day for the people of Kalabnari kingdom.

Let the government maps out plans, engages and mobilize a reliable construction firm that will build a strong bridge that will link Port Harcourt to Bonny as the Oil and Gas Polytechnic kicks-off. ###





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