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ISSUES ABATTOIR: The Newswriter At 5: Experienced Prospects

THE NEWSWRITERFive (5) years ago, precisely on 1st October, 2010 was the maiden edition of The Newswriter Newspaper hit the newsstand.

The Newswriter Newspaper is a publication of the Writers House Printing and Publishing Company Limited located on No. 23 Hospital Road, Township in the Port Harcourt City Local Government Area of Rivers State.

Without gain saying The Newswriter Newspaper is just more than a weekly tabloid as its operations are but its services has proven, The Newswriter is one that readers could not do without. That was because it services and operations are beyond the local governments in Rivers State, its cooperate and operational state.

Readership of The Newswriter is not only on the hard copies but also on the internet with www.thenewswriterng.com as its web site.

The mention of The Newswriter is synonymous with every other essentials of life. It is liken to mentioning states of the federation without Rivers State, which is indeed an incomplete recitation because of its relevance in the comity of states and above all it would be an incomplete counting.

Aside from its deliberate stance to develop the grassroots communities through accurate reportage, national issues are also top on the organization’s policy aimed at assisting in solving numerous challenges facing the media industry.

Consistency is also one of the factors and pillars of The Newswriter which made it formidable as it had never failed to hit the stand in the past 5 years under review.

As its driving force implies “illuminating Humanity with the pen”, this weekly has indeed function as its name by educating, entertaining, informing as well as providing other services to humanity.

Being a member of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Rivers State Council and member of Rivers State indigenes Publisher Association (RIVPA), The Newswriter diligently performs its duties without blemish and support base from any source.

At 5, it is incumbent to salute the board of directors’ consistent effort in ensuring that the paper is always published.

The labours of our hero’s past shall never be in vain, it is now a post humus salute to the founding publisher, Late Kenneth Amabipi whose vision in 2010 still illuminates till date.

He was a sincere, loving, hardworking and leader per excellence, worthy to be emulated.

Issues Abattoir also acknowledges the efforts of the immediate past managing editor, Bartholomew Ndubuwa.

At 5, with the untiring efforts of the current management, The Newswriter has experience the true practice of journalism and has been launched into a higher dimension despite challenges. The Newswriter is today one of the best tabloids in Rivers State.

Therefore, the Managing Editor, Damiete West is worthy of salute. A true son of soil and fearless Managing Editor.

Staff and contributors alike are also worthy of commendation for attaining this feet.

However, managing a newspaper business is one of the risk in entrepreneurship one would venture into, since it is majorly service oriented at the beginning therefore, the laud ovation to the board of directors.

To the teaming admirers of The Newswriter what is required at this junction is patronage to enable the company stand tall in its operations especially in serving the public. Businesses thrives when relatives, friends, well wishers, admirers etc. patronizes such establishments.

The Newswriter had encountered financial challenges to actualize its goals but survived only by the special grace of God.

As it is evident in every sector either in private or public, finances are life wire of every organization, and when it is lacking there is bound to be crisis administratively, operationally and otherwise.

What is expected of The Newswriter now is to advance her course into the next level of operation. But how could that be achieved without finances, capable and liberal friends are to assist in driving and advancing this lofty course.

While Issues Abattoir warmly appeals to lovers and friends of the organizations to come to her aide for sustainable growth, it is interesting to acknowledge that The Newswriter is prepared to introduce other refreshing and educative services in the days ahead.

Prospectively, The Newswriter is prepared to brace up to the challenges ahead of the media profession considering the evolving economy. ###

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