Costa Rica, Belgium Lose Gallantly

The duo of Costa Rica, Belgium losed gallantly to their opponent countries, Argentina and Netherland respectively.

It was the battle of the finals as all two teams played their hearts with the mind of eliminating the other in the Brazil world cup 2014 knock-out stage.

While Argentina got their only goal which turned out to be the only and winning goal at the early minutes of the first half of the encounter, Costa Rica laboured Netherland to end the encounter at 90 minutes regulation time, and stressed the game into extra time.

The beauty of football was at it best as both teams employed the best of their tactics to outwit the other, it was the bench that technically proved or settle the end.

Netherland coach as a matter of fact must be appreciated as he brought his technical and tactical expertise into play by changing his first choice goalkeeper for the penalty kicks, after perceiving that the game is going into penalty kicks and it pay off at the end.

Costa Rica on the other hand was on unlucky owing to the fact that the keeper of Costa Rica did everything to frustrate Netherland to win the game at regulation time.

It was luck that played the decider in the encounter against Costa Rica, it could have gone even the way of Costa Rica, if not for luck, Costa Rica played well and won the hearts of every good football lover all over the world.

Costa Rica particularly deserved to be commended by the country president, the players are potential champions.

Belgium on a good day, from the way they played Argentina, could beat Argentina. This was made practical by rendering Messi of all players not effective in the field of play. For that alone goal, it is a credit to Belgium, compared to the way Lionel Messi embarrassed Nigeria at the group stage.

Costa Rica, Belgium were not disgraced. They are potential champions as they lose gallantly to their opponents. ###

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