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Maigari Return, Baribote Can Spark His Trouble

HON. MAIGARIThe return of Alhaji Aminu Maigari may spark off it own trouble by one of the stakeholders, Chief Victor Ransom Baribote, who The Newswriter sports gathered has already made comment of partiality in the whole exercise of Maigari return.

According to the Bayelsa born football administrator “this is just like that of my own case of impeachment. This same way as it is, was done in the case of Maigari, saying he was wrongly impeached.

“Baribote said, that if they have returned Maigari back to his seat as NFF president what about me? This is not fair.

This is how they continue to make mistakes to run Nigeria football down.

He said supposing he stands his ground to fight for his right, things will further grow worst in Nigeria football, he said.

Chief Baribote after the FIFA threatened suspension and ban, withdraw his injunction from the court and had since forgiven the Nigeria Football Federation and those who hatched the impeachment which was responsible for FIFA withdrawing the suspension and lifting Nigeria’s supposedly ban.

Baribote was admitted into the NFF but not as chairman of the Nigeria premiership board chairman or his former position as Nigeria Football Federation as vice president.

If Baribote wants to go for his right, he may spark his own trouble by asking for his right to be returned to him just as Alhaji Aminu Maigari was reinstated back to his position in the NFF.

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